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CandyKisses:  The rise in oil prices with the decline of the dollar


Oil prices rose today, Friday, with the decline of the dollar, but it was heading for huge weekly losses, amid expectations that there will be no slowdown in sharp increases in US interest rates and the possibility of weak demand from China, the largest oil importer, amid rising cases of COVID-19.


Brent crude futures were back 67 cents, up 0.8%, at $90.45 a barrel, but not far from a four-week low of $89.53 in the previous session.


US West Texas Intermediate crude futures rose 70 cents, or 0.9%, to $82.34 a barrel, but settled near a six-week low.


A slight decline in the dollar helped oil prices on Friday, as the weaker dollar made oil cheaper for buyers holding other currencies.


However, WTI is down more than 7% so far this week, while Brent is down about 6%.


Tishwash:  :  Iranian Minister of Economy: We are the world leader in oil and gas reserves


The Iranian Minister of Economy and Finance, Ehsan Khandozi, announced that Iran occupies the forefront in terms of hydrocarbon reserves.


Khandozi pointed out during the meeting of Iranian and Hungarian businessmen and economic activists, which was held in Budapest, that “large Hungarian industrial companies can benefit from the law of attracting foreign investments in Iran and increase the volume of trade exchange in light of the two countries’ support for trade relations.”


He described “Iran’s large market of 80 million people” as “the largest market in the Middle East,” pointing to “Iran’s progress in various economic fields, especially technology   link




CandyKisses:  Anticipation for the issuance of hundreds of arrest warrants against corrupt suspects in Al-Kazemi’s government


The leader of the Wisdom Movement, Fahd al-Jubouri, confirmed Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani’s intention to open all corruption files of Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s government, indicating that arrest warrants will be issued against senior ministers and former officials in the coming days.


Al-Jubouri said, in an interview followed by Al-Maalouma, that “accusing the government of Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani of lurking in the Al-Kazemi government is baseless and has no connection with any party.” He added, “The previous government and most of its ministers were involved in major corruption deals, and they must receive their fair reward in order to recover all the money looted outside the country.”


Al-Jubouri indicated that “the coming period will witness the disclosure of names involved in corruption and the issuance of hundreds of arrest warrants, including ministers and senior leaders of the country.”




CandyKisses:  A source : summoning officials of the Rafidain Bank to investigate the “theft of the century”


An informed source said that the Integrity Commission and the judicial authorities summoned officials and employees of the Rafidain Bank for investigation against the background of the issue of the tax accounts secretariats in the bank.


The source told {Euphrates News} that: “The officials who were investigated are the former general manager of the Rafidain Bank, the former one, the assistant general manager and other employees of the bank, in order to investigate the theft of tax secretariat amounts in Mesopotamia.”


The previous government headed by Mustafa Al-Kadhimi had begun an investigation into the disappearance of $2.5 billion from the General Tax Authority’s account (the secretariats).


A document of the commission revealed that the amount was withdrawn between January and August of this year, and the amount was transferred to the accounts of five different companies using dozens of checks, and then withdrawn from the accounts immediately.


The Ministry of Finance asked the Integrity Commission to investigate what some describe as the largest embezzlement in the history of Iraq, and it was popularly called the “theft of the century” due to its magnitude. And a security force arrested {Nour Zuhair}, the main suspect in the incident of stealing tax money, while the Central Bank of Iraq froze the movable and immovable funds of five companies, including those belonging to the accused {Zuhair}. The government of Muhammad Shia al-Sudani pledged to continue the investigation, recover the money, and arrest the remaining suspects in the theft.



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