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How To Handle A Scammer ~


I had a call from a scammer the other day.


Me: “Hello.”


NOT-Microsoft support: “Hello. This is Bob Bobson from Microsoft Support. We are seeing a lot of virus activity from your device.”


Me: “Oh no. My device? Are you sure?”


NOT-Microsoft support: “Oh yes, we have many reports.”


Me: “Oh jeez. How can I fix it?”


NOT-Microsoft support: “It’s okay Sir. We can help you right now. Are you in front of your device Sir?”


Me: “Yes. I was just about to use it. I’m glad you called.”


NOT-Microsoft support: “Yes Sir, we are going to help you. Can you please push the Start button?”


Me: “I think it’s already on.”


NOT-Microsoft support: “Okay, Sir. Now you want to click on Control Panel.”


Me: “I don’t see that.”


NOT-Microsoft support: “Do you see a bunch of information above the Start button?”


Me: “Yes.”


NOT-Microsoft support: “That is your Control Panel.”


Me: “Wow, I didn’t realise it had a name.”


NOT-Microsoft support: “Yes Sir, now press on Internet Options.”


Me: “Yeah, I definitely don’t see any Internet options. I don’t think I purchased that feature. This is just a cheap one.”


NOT-Microsoft support: “They all have the Internet, Sir. Press the Start button again.”


Me: “Okay, it’s the same as before.”


NOT-Microsoft support: “That’s okay Sir. We are going to restart your device. Can you please turn it off?”


Me: “Um … I don’t know how. I’ve never turned it off. Since I bought it, it just kind of stays on all the time.”


NOT-Microsoft support: “There must be an off button on your device. How do you stop it when it’s running?”


Me: “In those cases, I usually press the big button.”


NOT-Microsoft support: “Okay sir. Please press that button.”


Me: “Okay.”


NOT-Microsoft support: “Is your device off?”


Me: “No. The door popped open.”


NOT-Microsoft support: “Door? Is there a disc inside the door?”


Me: “No, there’s a burrito.”


NOT-Microsoft support: “Why is there a burrito in your computer?”


Me: “Computer? I thought you said this was microwave support.”



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