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Mot:  Honesty prevented this man who has nothing to keep the $10,000 he found and returned it to its owner.


Homeless Elmer picked up a piece of paper in the street. Having examined it, the man realized that he was holding a crumpled check for 10 thousand dollars. Elmer decided to still find the owner from that moment his life changed forever.


$10,000 could have helped Elmer get through the winter, but the man thought maybe that money was all the real owner had. The name on the check was Roberta José. Elmer got to the nearest Internet cafe and started looking for her contacts.


It soon became clear that Roberta was a successful realtor. Her business was often reported in the newspapers, so Elmer was able to quickly get the woman’s number. The man talked to her, explained the situation and arranged a meeting.


Roberta was struck by the act of the homeless. She believed that someone had already cashed the check and did not expect a refund.. Moreover, Roberta said that in her youth she herself was forced to remain without a roof over her head.


As a sign of gratitude, the woman provided Elmer with an apartment, paid for his education and is now going to hire him: One true act really helped a man change his life.


10 thousand dollars would be enough for him for a couple of months, now Elmer can think about the future.

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