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Highlights from The Big Call 10-13-15

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce in good mood

PinkRoses: Bruce call: private placements exchanges just about wrapped up, maybe finishing tonight. certain sovereign nations been handled, process being completed, certain triggers in place to be accomplished. things are rolling out according to the plan. The authors of the plan are happy with the situation everyone finds themselves in.

Mangelo: Bruce call: sovereign nations are getting things done, we are not at the point of delay

PinkRoses:  Bruce CAll: the ISX being closed may influence this to go before or after holiday, like to go before holiday.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: we are in a good spot for this week
Mangelo: Bruce call: Iraq coins coming out on the 20th and we are at a crunch time

Pinkroses: Bruce call: hearing this week still to be good time slot. Iraq new 50m dinar and coins out in the 20th. Our new currency come out on the 20th. things are rolling out. Think we would have it by now, but still feel great this week.

LadyB22: Bruce call, SKR’s becoming liquid now.

PinkRoses: Bruce call: We are processing very well, and could well have this very shortly. Japan good size holder of dong, rupiah, dinar. They had that melt down in power facility. They are in a very serious way to have this GCR done, because they have funding to come in to get all clean up.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: Japan is moving this along this too

PinkRoses: Bruce call: the two coins putting out to use by IRAQ for businesses, 50 thousand and 100 thousand dinar coins

pinkroses Bruce call: Iraq the cards loaded and charged with uniformed rate, good rate. ISX to be closed Thursday for a holiday.

pinkroses Bruce CAll: the ISX being closed may influence this to go before or after holiday, like to go before holiday.

pinkroses Bruce call: hearing this week still to be good time slot. Iraq new 50m dinar and coins out in the 20th. Our new currency come out on the 20th. things are rolling out. Think we would have it by now, but still feel great this week
pinkroses Bruce call: caller: question: dong is still over $2? Bruce: Yes, you be amazed with the rate, well over $2.

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: question? exchange banks in Missouri? Bruce: WF and HSBC will do exchanges, many tier banks Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo good banks. Wells Fargo will have bank afficliates. No worry, will have exchange places

mangelo Bruce call: covering tier 1 banks well do exchanges, WF locations that don’t have banks in those city, will send you to another location

pinkroses Bruce call: caller still: Zim still at .25? Bruce: no just below it, but could come out in that vicinity.

pinkroses Bruce call: Caller: question: One person gave time as Oct 20th, I know things change, I heard if Iraq dont get done before 2016, Iraq be in trouble? Bruce: No, they want this done before, I dont go into 2016. I know certain people want it to drag into 2016, but I do not entertain that date of 2016.

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: question? The black cards? Bruce: I think the choice of the black card is Amex. I don’t think I will use the black card. You will have a choice. There is a stripe, mag stripe, when they swipe it, that info goes in the record, rfid scanners can be sued remotely can pick up that info on that card. you can get your card hacked. Going to have these computer chip cards, but have to ask for those

pinkroses Bruce call; Can take up to 35 days with a chip card, if you request it. Ask to get one of those computer chip card, be more secured

mangelo wBruce call: is Iran being pushed to get things started, Iran would have their currency be ready 24 hours after the RV, but it seems they might have a date

pinkroses Bruce call: We think we have date of sanctions coming off Iran, if do so, then their currency come back into play we think. I think makes sense for Iraq to go first, if timing so close, may come out same time.

mangelo Bruce call: I am confused that on the blogs that their is a bunch of laws are not passed, Bruce said most of the laws are done!

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: question: up to date on PNC bank. Bruce: PNC is a private bank, not a tier one bank, but a good major bank

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: that means the PNC is not considered one of the type four banks like WF? Bruce: wait and see if you want to use them, consider it, talk to them, if they have the type of programs you interested in, maybe a good bank. I am not recommending any bank such as PNC over any other bank.  I plan on using Regions bank.

pinkroses Bruce: Do not call the banks until the rates are shown live on all the screens. Do not waste their time and your time.

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: question: New year for Iraq, feel like it may take place 5pm tomorrow, with the forex board at 1105, do you think this what they are looking for to get this started? Bruce: The forex may be delayed until later after it happens, dont set watch on forex, you will know by Tony’s notifications and others.

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: question: dong well over $2? contract rate? Bruce: no, understand that is the rate on the back screens now.

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: question: still looking to be notified by WF if in the WF group? Bruce: Yes that is how they are going to notify you.

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: A predetermination about taxes? Bruce: there is talk of taxes in the WF group, if you have ZIM, you would want to take it to that appt with the WF group

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: question? they said Christine L., going to make announcement on the 20th about currency? Bruce: Yes, new reserve currency will be talked about is the Chinese Yuan, common name, Renmimbi formal name/ Will be the new reserve currency, announced possible on that date.

Pinkrosess  Bruce: It will be a reserve currency for countries to use for trade around the world. It will be a very strong currency, widely used around the world for trade, a good thing. Not a bad idea to look into if you want to to hold some of that currency.

Pinkroses   Bruce call: caller: Those of us in a group, do we have to rush in? Bruce: I wouldn’t wait too long, don’t have to rush in, two or three days be okay. They want the groups in and out in 9 days.  The group rates are pre-negotiated. There is a possibility the group rates could change as time goes on, they could go down, don’t wait too long.


Pinkroses  Bruce: Some things you want to take care of right away as debts. Try to get your money working for you in an account that can make you serious money in weeks or months

Pinkroses  Bruce: Create a budget, use bank wealth manager to help you, lose no money, grow the money, protect the money.

Pinkroses  Bruce: Stock market, we dont know if it peaking or go up farther, but dont want to lose alot of my money if it goes down, not an advisor, be weary of the stock market. I am not playing in it. I going to be in a safe fixed plan to get a decent return on.

Pinkroses  Bruce call: some of you may go in real estate. I am going to be looking into basic things, some out there, but not too risky. But not everything I do right for you guys, some things you will do, not right for me. Talking to wealth manager important

pinkroses:   Bruce call: shouting call down. Interesting call. I think we are moving along nicely. There is exchangages going on, things happening behind the scenes, we are in the process now, not too much longer, hang in there. Looking forward to Thursday call. Ken praying call out.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: their is a lot of things going on, their is a process, it shouldn’t be long, we are close, closing with a prayer

Pinkroses  The big call Bruce # 605-562-3170, reply is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456