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CandyKisses:  Parliamentary Legal: Dissolving Parliament is the only salvation from political blockage

The Parliamentary Legal Committee, 07-24-2022, recommended addressing the issue of choosing the prime minister through the constitution, while noting that the dissolution of Parliament may be a salvation from the current political impasse.

The head of the committee, Mohamed Anouz, said in a press statement, which was followed by the obelisk, that the root of the problem of choosing the prime minister is constitutional, not political, stressing the need to address the issue of choosing the prime minister through the constitution.

He added, that the dissolution of Parliament may be the salvation from the current political impasse.

He pointed out that the House of Representatives has nothing to do with the formation of the government or not, and the House must proceed with its legislative procedures, as there are legislations that have nothing to do with the government and have no financial aspect.

KaseyKo1:  The way I understand it, all candidates have been selected for the pm position & the vote to be taken Mon/Tues. They’re saying they will vote for the pres at the same time. They’ve also said they will not wait for the Kurds to give them a candidate, that they will go forward with a vote without them.

Yada:  Kaseyko agree with what you posted. The Kurds didn’t choose one candidate so they will put up 2 names and the Framework will put up on main name. For everyone to to know, despite them putting up the names, the vote is not guaranteed be of the 2/3rds vote. Being no quorum and vote by 8-1-22, Kadzimi stays.

KaseyKo1:  In reading the names they have put forth, I sure hope Kadhimi gets to stay. He and Saleh ARE a stable government!

Rocksolid:  yada … thanks for the reminder on the 2/3rds vote. It makes all their political theater worthless, other than a stall tactic for further corruption to take place.

Yada:  Reading the rhetoric from another site and we are looking at “Chessmate” in one more move and that is the dissolution of the present parliament. The forming factor is one thing but like February, some will not show up to form a quorum due to the the squabbling we’ve seen the past month.  They are letting them hang themselves. Figure of speech. Lol

Jiminkc:  I am hoping they don’t get a quorum, and can’t vote on PM or President of the Republic. That is the only way Kasemi and Saleh can dissolve the Parliament, without it seeming like a coup on their part.

CharlieOK:  Agree dissolving Parliament is the best end game for a secure Iraq and incentive for a CG, along with the cbi revaluing the dinar, I am still concerned that the HCL issues have not been resolved for sure.

Yada:  The HCL was included in the EFSL. The People, versed just Kurdistan, will recieve the benefits. Because of the court decision in January, the Kurds were forced to sign over the contracts to Baghad hence, the TOTAL deal with Kazemi is the spark we are reading about regarding France is the start in Europe

CharieOk:  I have a feeling deals/agreements have been made in the back rooms because amidst all the political turmoil, the people seem to be fairly peaceful. They know something we don’t.

Yada:  CharlieOK,,no he has not but others I trust in dinarland have affirmed it. Agreed,,,they are informed that all the contracts were adjusted to dinar. This tells me that people in the CBI have communicated what the REISSUE rate will be.

Sonny:  have a lot of friends in business and and many are saying if it does not happen this time they are going to pull out and never get involved with Iraq ever again and they are very large companies and they are not accepting anymore excuses . I really believe they need to make it happen or it will be the End of Iraq and it would be very sad for the people of Iraq . I pray they do the right thing.


Tishwash:  The start of a week of finger-biting in Iraq. Whoever shouts first loses the presidency

Amidst the foggy atmosphere of the political scene in Iraq against the background of the delay in announcing the formation of the government, and after more than 9 months have passed since the early elections, party parties and political entities confirmed that the next week will be decisive in voting for the presidential candidate who will cost the largest bloc to form the government. .

The Kurdistan Democratic Party confirmed its intention with the Patriotic Union to hold a decisive round of negotiations to come up with an agreed candidate for the presidency or declare a disagreement, pointing out that the forces of the “coordinating framework” have repeatedly announced their support for the candidate of the Union.

In statements to political sources, political sources believe that next week will witness intense negotiations between the two Kurdish parties, amid expectations that the House of Representatives will hold a voting session on the candidates for the position, whose number has reached more than 25.

The sources said that the two most prominent candidates are the “PUK” candidate Barham Salih and the “Kurdistan Democratic Party” Riber Ahmed, and that one of these two names will assume the duties of the presidency.

The sources expected that the two parties’ candidates would be voted on, and whoever gets more votes will win the position.  link


CandyKisses:  Deputy for Fatah: Announcing the prime ministerial candidate in the coming hours

{Politics: Al-Furat News} The deputy of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Mortada Al-Saadi, revealed, on Sunday evening, the announcement of the candidate for prime minister during the coming hours.

Al-Saadi told Al-Furat News that: “The coordinating framework has reached in the past two days many positives and understandings, including that the leaders of the first line of coordination will be in the management position of the coalition, excluding these names by agreement and proceeding with the second stage in choosing the prime ministerial candidate.”

He pointed out that “the first phase is progressing in choosing the names for the prime minister, and there are serious and tangible dialogues for the outcomes of the prime minister being from the agreed framework.”

Al-Saadi added, “Some parties outside the framework make it disabled to form a government, while there are differences in the Kurdish house to resolve the position of the President of the Republic, and the framework is working to resolve the Kurdish situation, and we hope in the coming hours to resolve the position of prime minister and announce the candidate’s name.”

He indicated that “there were some observations by the leaders of the framework for the acceptability of the candidate internally and internationally, which disrupted the announcement of the candidate in addition to the internal situation; but the wisdom of the framework leadership was able to proceed with the choice in the coming hours for the prime minister.”

Al-Saadi stressed that: “The framework demanded the Kurdish parties to resolve their position and not to proceed with the 2018 scenario and to make concessions to resolve the issue of the presidency of the republic,” noting that “in the event that the 2018 scenario proceeds, it will leave differences between the two Kurdish parties and open a future gap, as it will cause a state of internal annoyance to form the next government.” “.


Tishwash:  The final statistics of Iraq’s oil exports and imports during last June

The Ministry of Oil announced, on Monday, the total oil exports and revenues generated for the month of June, according to the final statistics issued by the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company.

According to a ministry statement received by “Nass” (July 25, 2022), “the amount of crude oil exports amounted to (101) million (191) thousand and (236) barrels (one hundred and one million, one hundred and ninety-one thousand two hundred and thirty-six barrels), with revenues It amounted to (11) billion and (354) million and (544) thousand dollars (eleven billion, three hundred and fifty-four million, five hundred and forty-four thousand dollars).

The statistics indicated that “the total quantities of crude oil exported for the month of June from oil fields in central and southern Iraq amounted to (97) million (980) thousand and (589) barrels, while the quantities exported of Kirkuk oil through the port of Ceyhan were (2) million. And (910) thousand and (887) barrels, and the average price per barrel amounted to (112,209) dollars.

Additional revenues were achieved by “selling quantities of exported crude oil shipments at a price premium, as the total revenue for them amounted to (108,822,255.03) million dollars.”

He pointed out that “the exported quantities were loaded by (36) international companies of different nationalities, from the ports of Basra, Khor Al-Amaya, mono-buoys on the Gulf and the Turkish port of Ceyhan.”    link

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