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TNT:  CandyKisses:  Independent Politician: There Is Still A Regional And International Will To Keep Al-Kazemi


The independent politician Saad Al-Mutalibi confirmed, on Sunday, that the regional and international will is still working to keep the caretaker Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, noting that the dialogue will be “a framework chest.”


Al-Mutalibi said in a statement to “Information”, that “the picture of resolving the crisis between the brothers within the coordination framework and the Sadrist movement was not clear, despite the former’s official announcement of his call for dialogue and the resolution of all differences between the two parties.”


He added, “The next dialogue should be direct between the Sadrists and the frameworkists, and prevent the interference of any party or mediator, because when the Sunnis chose their representative in the House of Representatives, they did not consult the Shiite component. Also, the Kurds to this day have not allowed any party to interfere in solving the crisis of choosing the president of the republic. Therefore, the Shiites will not They allow the interference of any party or mediator.”


Al-Muttalibi pointed out that “the regional and international will is still working to keep Al-Kazemi as president of the House of Representatives, and it is working in various ways to deepen the political crisis.”

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