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Tishwash:  Trade Minister: Iraq has an economic market capable of attracting major international companies


Trade Minister Atheer Al-Ghurairy discussed with the Korean Minister of Land and Infrastructure and the head of the Korean side in the joint committee, Won Hee-ryunk, on Wednesday, enhancing prospects for joint cooperation between the two countries, increasing trade exchange, the possibility of holding international exhibitions, and activating the joint committee.


Al-Ghurairi stressed during the meeting, according to a statement by the Ministry of Commerce, that “the Iraqi government, within its governmental platform, has a vision to develop and develop relations with all countries of the world, including South Korea, in a way that contributes to the development of the Iraqi economy.”


Al-Ghurairy pointed to “the importance of Korean companies entering to invest in Iraq and establishing real partnerships with the private sector, especially since Iraq has a large economic market capable of absorbing and attracting major international companies.”


Al-Ghurairy called on the Korean side to “actively participate in the sessions of the Baghdad International Fair to display their products to the Iraqi market, which are acceptable to the Iraqi citizen, especially Korean cars, which can be dealt with in this aspect with the General Motors and Machinery Company.”


For his part, the Korean minister presented “a number of economic and commercial visions,” stressing “his country’s desire to increase investments in Iraq, especially as it has proven successful in the projects it operates in.”


According to the statement, “the two sides discussed the date of holding the meetings of the joint Iraqi-Korean committee, which is expected to be held in the first half of this year, after the approval of the Iraqi side, which is chaired by the Minister of Commerce for the Iraqi side, in addition to the Korean side reviewing the projects that were established in Iraq and the Korean capabilities in the field of automobile industry and technology.” electronics, infrastructure, roads, bridges, energy and other fields.    link