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Tishwash:  Mustafa Sanad: The central bank’s dollar sales collapsed by half during the current month


A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Mustafa Sanad, revealed the collapse of the Central Bank’s dollar sales by half during the current month.


Sanad said in a tweet on Twitter: “The central bank’s sales of dollars during the year 2022, inside and outside Iraq, it is noted that sales collapsed by half during the current month, due to the exclusion of the Middle East, Al-Ansari, Al-Qabid and Asian banks.  Link


Tishwash:  Iraq moves to buy air defense systems… Sovereignty is a red line!


The Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee confirmed today, Saturday, the existence of a real movement for Iraq to purchase air defense systems from different countries during the next stage.


Committee member Karim Aliwi told Earth News Agency, “The Iraqi government has a real intention to purchase air defense systems from different countries during the next stage, and a contract was signed with France during the next stage, and a batch of those systems was received, and the coming days will witness the receipt of a new batch.” .


Olewi stated, “Iraq is genuinely seeking to purchase air defense systems in order to preserve Iraq’s sovereignty, as this sovereignty is a red line, and it cannot be tolerated more about its violation by any party, especially since the United States of America has worked over the past years to prevent Iraq from possessing any air defense systems.” So that it remains in control of the Iraqi airspace.  link




CandyKisses:  Al-Sudani stresses the need to complete the draft budget law as quickly as possible


Today, Saturday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani chaired a meeting dedicated to discussing the draft federal budget law for the year 2023.


Al-Sudani stressed, according to an official statement, of which {Euphrates News} received a copy, “the necessity of completing the budget bill as quickly as possible, and submitting it to the House of Representatives, so that it enters into force without delay.”


Al-Sudani stressed that “the law targets, in its allocations, the priorities adopted by the ministerial platform, which are combating unemployment, reducing poverty rates, combating corruption, improving services, as well as reforming the economy.”


And he directed that “the draft law takes into account the importance of presenting infrastructure projects over other projects, in order to create the appropriate environment in the internal economy to achieve the adoption of the ministerial curriculum, and to provide service and make a difference that the citizen touches, in the service sector and other economic sectors.”




Tishwash:  Sudani receives an official invitation to visit Iran


Today, Saturday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani received an official invitation from Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi to visit Tehran.


A statement by Al-Sudani’s office, received by (Baghdad Today), stated that “Al-Sudani received the Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Muhammad Kazem Al Sadiq, and the latter conveyed Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi’s invitation to the Prime Minister regarding a visit to the Islamic Republic. The meeting also witnessed discussions of the overall bilateral relations between the two countries . ”


He added, “The meeting discussed a number of common files, in the economic and investment aspect, and it was also emphasized that the meetings between Iraq and Iran will continue in the security file, in a way that preserves the sovereignty of the two countries, achieves the interests of the two friendly peoples, and consolidates the security and stability of the region.”


It is noteworthy that Baghdad and Tehran are conducting ongoing talks to resolve the crisis of the Iranian bombing of the areas of presence of parties opposing Iran in the Kurdistan region.


And a senior security source had revealed, last Wednesday, to (Baghdad Today) that a higher committee to assess the border security file with Iran had arrived at the border strip between the two countries in Diyala, and conducted a comprehensive assessment that carried 3 important messages: preventing the existence of any voids and addressing the smuggling file that constitutes A real danger from within, in addition to making fundamental changes in accordance with the new government’s policy in supporting changes that contribute to correcting the course of security work, in particular .


The focus on the eastern border of Iraq comes in conjunction with the tense situation in the areas close to the border within the Kurdistan Region and the repeated Iranian strikes on Kurdish areas to pursue and target the Iranian Kurdish opposition parties present in the territory of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq .


The Iranian side threatened Iraq earlier with a “land invasion” in the event that the Iraqi government did not intervene to expel the Iranian opposition parties present in the region, which Iraq is “incapable of”, according to what international reports say   link