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CandyKisses:  The government’s financial advisor : Al-Sudani’s decisions regarding corruption will reflect positively on the country’s economy


The financial advisor to the government, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, affirmed: “The decisions and steps of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani, to combat corruption, are correct decisions that will reflect positively on the country’s economy.”


Muhammad Salih said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency : “This government will have among its priorities (no development without combating corruption), and the issue of development and economic progress is linked to dismantling corruption, which is deliberately sabotaging the future of the country’s economy.”


He added: “The government program, which was approved by the House of Representatives and has become an applicable document, is a first priority for the Prime Minister, who will establish a logistical support council for combating corruption, to accelerate and advance economic development as soon as possible.”


Tishwash:  Foreign Minister: The government continues at a steady pace in international partnerships


The Iraqi Foreign Minister, Fouad Hussein, confirmed today, Saturday, that the new government is continuing, at a steady pace, to expand the circle of international partnerships.


This came in a speech delivered by Hussein at the Manama Dialogue, which was received by Mawazine News, that “the challenges the region is going through require unifying efforts to confront them,” while stressing “the need to strengthen regional and international cooperation.”


He added, “The convening of the conference represents an important opportunity to end instability in the region. The Iraqi government continues its cooperation with all international organizations to curb terrorist activities.”


Hussein continued, by saying, “Iraq seeks to enhance work in the fields of legal, judicial and security cooperation,” pointing to “strengthening cooperation in the areas of security and economic diplomacy, and Iraqi diplomacy seeks to build distinguished relations with all countries.”


On the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, Hussein said it “affected the global economy.”


As he continued, “resolving conflicts is a fundamental priority for establishing security and stability in the Middle East.”


With regard to the Yemeni crisis, he stressed that it “constitutes a state of instability.”

The Iraqi foreign minister said, “Iraq supports the path of settling the Libyan crisis.”


He concluded by saying, “The Iraqi government was formed through fair elections and with the support of the United Nations.”


Regarding the newly elected government of al-Sudani, he said that it is “continuing at a steady pace in international partnerships. The Iraqi government adopts the principle of balance and moves away from the policy of axes.”  link




Tishwash:  Al-Rafidain and Al-Rasheed are discussing the introduction of modern technology in banking transactions


Al-Rafidain Bank confirmed, on Sunday, its endeavor to simplify banking procedures and introduce modern technology.


The bank stated in a statement, which Mawazine News received a copy of, that “General Director of Al-Rafidain Bank, Muhammad Samir, received General Manager of Al-Rashid Bank, Bassem Abd Ali Youssef, and during the meeting, they discussed the mechanisms of joint cooperation between the two sides with regard to banking work and its development.”


The two sides stressed, according to the statement, “keeping pace with modern banking technology and advancing the banking sector in the country, which will reflect positively on the growth of the national economy.”


Muhammad Samir stressed, “The need to improve the level of service performance provided to citizens and simplify banking procedures and facilities in line with the ministry’s directives in overcoming all obstacles and routine procedures that would impede the completion of transactions.   link




Tishwash:  An expert reveals a “suspicious” American meeting with 35 Iraqi banks


The economic expert, Abdul Rahman Al-Sheikhly, revealed that the representative of the US embassy met with 35 Iraqi banks to warn their owners without the knowledge of the Central Bank of Iraq.


Al-Sheikhly said; For the “Unannounced” program, broadcast by Al-Furat TV channel this evening, it says: “It is supposed to start fighting corruption in state institutions from the top of the pyramid or below, and big personalities who were involved in stealing the century.”


He added, “The US Federal Reserve addressed the Central Bank to stop the work of 14 private banks and audit them, and the representative of the US embassy met with 35 banks to warn their owners without the knowledge of the Central Bank of Iraq.”


Al-Sheikhly said, “The banks that the representative of the US embassy met with leaked money to internationally sanctioned countries,” noting that “sales at the currency auction have decreased remarkably in the past two days.”


He continued, “Iraq is not the only country that suffers from corruption, and the previous governments did not seize the opportunity to combat corruption, and the people stand by the Sudanese Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a, in the steps to combat corruption.”


Al-Sheikhly indicated, “The state system has become a norm for transferring money illegally, and part of the money for goods does not go to buy them, but to smuggle them, and control is the responsibility of taxes and customs, not the central bank.”  Link

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