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TNT: Tishwash: Saleh and Al-Kazemi stress the importance of joining forces to achieve security and stability

The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, discussed today, Saturday, with Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the general situation in Iraq, while the two sides stressed the importance of joining forces to achieve security and stability.

A statement by the President’s Office, received by “Earth News”, stated that “the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, received, today, Saturday, January 22, 2022, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and during the meeting, the overall general situation in the country was discussed, and the importance of the importance of the situation in the country was emphasized. Protecting the security and stability of citizens, pursuing ISIS remnants, blocking its criminal attempts to target the security of citizens, and providing all support to the security forces in carrying out their important tasks.

He added, “The importance of uniting national forces in order to achieve security and stability, initiate national constitutional entitlements, and focus on meeting citizens’ needs and aspirations for a free and dignified life was emphasized.  Link

Shybaby:  The Iraqis prefer to renew Al-Kazemi instead of assigning Al-Abadi or Allawi with a mysterious mission.

In a wide poll, the Iraqis prefer to renew Al-Kazemi instead of assigning Al-Abadi or Allawi with a mysterious mission..!

21st January, 2022

The (Iraq Today) team conducted a popular poll, taking into consideration the opinions of senior experts, journalists, bloggers and those interested in public affairs to express their views on the name of the next prime minister, and whether they prefer extending Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s term to take over the task again, or proceeding with alternative options necessitated by the interests of Some political parties and parties.


It is known that the names circulated, and the stock of nominations have so far settled on three names, and they are, respectively, the current Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the former Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi, and the former commissioner, Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi.


A Kurdish-Iranian veto blocks Abadi’s path


Public affairs observer and blogger Ahmed Negm believes that “assigning Dr. Haider Al-Abadi appears to be a very difficult matter, as the man collides with an external Iranian factor – and an internal Kurdish one, and the issue of his re-nomination with the task seems to be a vain and a waste of time, rather than a realistic option, especially since the man has exposed his back.” After the resounding loss he received in the early October elections, he came out empty-handed.”


As for the second option, and we mean Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, multiple opinions were said about it, as Ahmed Najm told (Iraq Today), “It is an option that lacks realism as well. Because of the size of the parliamentary forces, and he wants to apply the theory of the achromatic government, in a scene teeming with colors and names, and therefore I see that his candidacy is also a completely useless maneuver.”


As for Al-Kazemi’s candidacy, he said, “It seems a realistic and objective option, given the factors of the current scene, as well as the size of the man’s influence, his internal extensions and his external relations, and his success in dealing with the hottest and most turbulent files, so I think that the formal objections to his face will disappear as he opens the lines of communication with everyone in the same amount.”


Political researcher: Al-Kazemi’s rule is stable


For his part, political researcher Shaho Al-Qara Daghi said that the current Prime Minister Al-Kazemi’s period witnessed relative calm at the internal level, in addition to initiatives to achieve regional rapprochement in the interest of Iraq and keeping it away from conflicts.


Al-Qara Daghi, adviser to the New Iraq Center for Research and Studies, added in a statement in a press interview with him earlier, that the political forces seem to believe that Al-Kazemi may be the best option in the next stage to continue the calm and manage relations between Iran and the United States on the one hand, and Saudi Arabia well, especially The results of the elections caused divisions within the Shiite parties, which may feel the difficulty of finding an alternative and agreeing on it during the next stage, as a result of conflicting interests and the shock that afflicted the armed factions.


Citizen: Al-Kazemi is the fastest prime minister we have known to respond


On the street, we asked, citizen Abbas Abdul Ali, a retired teacher, which options are preferred among the names presented, and he replied that he “prefers renewal for Al-Kazemi.” , he is the fastest prime minister we knew in reactions to what is happening, as we noticed that he is close to events and reacts quickly, and he has strong and daring decisions, and what we lived through, for example in the time of Abdul Mahdi, was a bad experience frankly, as he slept early as it is said. It happened and is going on after that, while Al-Abadi’s presence was confined to his office only.”


Abdul Ali adds, “We saw in Al-Kazemi the determination of the youth and the striving to build the state and restore order, so he must be re-assigned to the task to save the country.”


Professor of Political Science: Will Al-Kazemi succeed in crossing the framework barriers?


And political science professor Ahmed Al-Mayali believes that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi has chances to take over the task again, but he faces some objections.


Al-Mayali said in a press interview with him, “The alliance between Al-Sadr, Al-Halbousi and Al-Barzani is likely to form the next government, and they are able to pass the next prime minister, as the first session of Parliament in which Al-Halbousi was chosen as president demonstrated the possibility of this alliance in resolving many matters.” He indicated, “It will be a strategic alliance, as it is based on the exchange of interests between the three parties in managing the next stage.” He pointed out that “Al-Kazemi has chances to assume the premiership, but there is no popular consensus to renew the three presidencies, and it is difficult to market him as prime minister for the next stage, especially since he has objections from the forces of the coordination framework.”


Media researcher: Al-Kazemi has an excellent record


Media researcher, Atheer Al-Hamdani, saw that the chances of returning Al-Kazemi to the premiership are good, especially since he achieved an excellent record in restoring Iraq’s foreign relations during his year in power, as he restored the form of the relationship with the Arab environment, and created the required balance in Iraq’s relations with its regional neighbors, and this is a matter He is not underestimated in determining the name of the prime minister, for an isolated prime minister will undoubtedly represent a disaster.


”Al-Hamdani added in an interview with (Iraq Today) that “Al-Kazemi moistened relations with the Gulf countries, and led a silent effort to calm the situation between Saudi Arabia and the UAE on the one hand and Iran on the other hand.” And he succeeded in returning the Iraqi citizen as a welcome guest in most Arab countries, and this is an achievement that should not be neglected in any case


In turn, journalist and writer Basem Al-Shara said in a press interview, “Al-Kazemi’s fortunes rose greatly after the first parliament session and the vote by a wide majority to choose Al-Halbousi as Speaker of Parliament for a new term.” He added, “The session greatly clarified the strength of the alliance formed by Al-Sadr, and its ability to significantly overtake its competitors in the coordination framework, as well as the failure of the framework to convince the major powers of its proposals, which seem to have become inappropriate for the Iraqi political and social situation.”


Al-Shara explained, “The majority is there to pass Al-Kazemi for a second term despite the objections of the coordination framework, whose performance seemed weak and even weak in the first session of the House of Representatives, and was unable to influence the parliamentary majority,” noting that “this matter will encourage Al-Sadr to continue to bypass the framework.” And Al-Kazemi’s nomination for a second term because he enjoys great Arab, international and popular support.”


Academic Fahd Abbas, who works as a teacher in one of the private colleges, and specializes in economics, says, “Al-Kazemi succeeded in overcoming the crisis of low oil prices, and succeeded in sparing the country the disaster of inability to pay the salaries of millions of employees, retirees and the unemployed, and this is thanks to the quick measures taken and the fiscal and monetary policy that I followed, and had it not been for that, we would have been in front of a hungry revolution that will not remain or leave.”

He stressed in an interview with (Iraq Today), that “strengthening the position of the national economy, and enabling it to rise was the slogan and program of Al-Kazemi’s first government, and we hope that this approach will continue in the next stage.” He pointed out that “Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, Haider Al-Abadi and Mustafa Al-Kazemi depart from the school of political rationality, and it seems that they do not prefer radical confrontations, but Al-Kazemi is the most energetic, active and accepting of them, which is necessary to sustain the momentum of the work initiated by the man.”

Independent deputy:

In turn, the independent representative, Hussein Arab, confirmed, in a press interview, that “Al-Kazemi’s chances are great to occupy a new term, and he who, during his tenure as prime minister, won the acceptance and support of important political parties, including the Kurds and Sunnis, and some other forces.”

Arabs considered that “Al-Kazemi’s success in managing the state is at a sensitive stage of its life, specifically in the file of preparing for and conducting the parliamentary elections, managing the economic file, the external file and international relations of Iraq, and the international and regional presence, so that Iraq becomes an effective and influential state in the region, as well as other files, All this gave him a great opportunity today to obtain a new term.”

Media: Al-Kazemi’s renewal avoids us going back to zero

Al-Tayeb said in a tweet on Twitter: Al-Helwe in Al-Kazemi listens to people and his door is open, and he cares about the crime scene and consoles the afflicted, unlike the rest of those who preceded him, who were locking their door and sitting on the sideburns of the cast of “Ayn Aynak.” He added, “I advise the winners and losers to renew it, better than a new one that roams around and takes us back to zero.”

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Tishwash:  Launching new loans within the framework of the initiative of the Central Bank of Iraq


The Cooperative Agricultural Bank announced on Sunday the launch of the promotion and disbursement of housing loans and easy personal loans within the framework of the Central Bank initiative.


A source for the bank’s media office said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that, in view of the inquiries received from the bank’s branches and offices regarding the loans of the Central Bank of Iraq initiative, we would like to inform the public of the possibility of promoting and disbursing the loans of the said initiative and according to the controls and instructions.


It is noteworthy that the Central Bank launched multiple lending initiatives, including the initiative to finance small and medium projects and the initiative of large projects amounting to five trillion dinars to finance specialized banks, as well as three trillion dinars to support the real estate sector, and finally the clean energy initiative in the amount of one trillion dinars, bringing the total amounts allocated to development initiatives more of fifteen trillion Iraqi dinars.  Link



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