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TNT: Tishwash:  A government advisor expects the budget law to reach parliament within two weeks


The legal advisor in the House of Representatives, Sabah Al-Karbouli, revealed, on Wednesday 16/11/2022, the reason for the delay in approving the federal budget law, while he expected the date of its arrival in Parliament.


Al-Karbouli said during a televised interview, followed by the obelisk, that the proportions of the governorates and projects hinder the approval of the budget, given that the representatives of the governorates and political blocs are trying to obtain all the projects that their governorates need, stressing the need to distribute projects fairly.


He added that preparations are underway to prepare a budget that meets all aspirations, provided that it is a program budget, not a traditional one, indicating that it is estimated at a value ranging between 160-180 billion dollars.


He added that Parliament is awaiting the arrival of the budget from the government, indicating that the Finance Committee is ready to discuss all aspects of it according to the government program.


He expected the budget law to reach parliament within two weeks from the government.


He pointed out that the political conflict in Iraq revolves around power and wealth.  link




Tishwash:  Mandalawi calls on Australia to activate economic and investment cooperation with Iraq


Today, Wednesday, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mohsen Al-Mandalawi called on Australia to invest in stability in Iraq to activate economic and investment cooperation and activate friendship committees between the two countries.


A statement issued by the office of the First Deputy, received by (Al-Oula News), said, “Al-Mandalawi received the Australian ambassador to Iraq (Paula Canley), to discuss a number of issues and common concerns.”


Mandalawi stressed during the meeting, according to the statement, “the importance of advancing the bilateral relations that bind the two friendly countries to advanced levels, and investing in the state of stability that Iraq is going through to strengthen cooperation in the agricultural, industrial and investment fields and infrastructure development, and the call to activate the role of the Iraqi-Australian Parliamentary Friendship Committee, and memorandums of understanding between Baghdad and Sydney to meet the interests of the two peoples.


In turn, Ambassador Paula Canley expressed the Australian government’s support for Iraq, her country’s desire to strengthen joint relations at all levels, and the importance of Iraq’s strategic stability for all countries in the region and the world.  link




Tishwash:  Iraq contracts auditing firm after 2.53 billion USD disappeared


The Iraqi government contracted an international auditing firm to deal with tax insurance funds after what became known as the ‘theft of the century’ was discovered.


The Iraqi cabinet agreed to authorize the office of the Prime Minister to contract with a major international company specialized in financial auditing after a theft of tax insurance funds was discovered, according to a statement issued by the press office of the Council of Ministers.


The statement added that the approval was granted in order to audit tax insurance funds.


Supervisory authorities previously discovered the embezzlement of more than 3.7 trillion Iraqi dinars (2.53 billion USD) from the General Commission for Taxes, which became known as the ‘theft of the century.’


The Iraqi News Agency (INA) reported in mid-October that an internal investigation carried out by the Ministry of Finance found the money had been withdrawn from the account of the General Commission for Taxes at a state-owned bank.


The Iraqi judiciary issued arrest warrants against those involved in the ‘theft of the century,’ confiscating movable and immovable assets, and seizing real estate belonging to them and their families.


Financial corruption in Iraq is one of the most important and complex challenges facing successive governments running the country since 2003, and which caused drainage of huge wealth.


Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani, during his speech in the Parliament after his government was granted confidence, described corruption as a ‘pandemic,’ and vowed to develop programs and plans to restrict corruption and limit the waste of public funds.  link