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Tishwash:  Al-Sudani and the International Monetary are discussing reforming the Iraqi banking system and efforts to combat corruption


Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani received, yesterday, Wednesday, the delegation of the International Monetary Fund, headed by the Resident Representative of the Fund in Iraq, Mr. Ghazi Shbeikat.


Al-Sudani stressed during the meeting, according to a statement issued by his office today, Thursday, “the importance of strengthening aspects of joint cooperation between Iraq and the Fund’s development programs, and supporting the path of empowering the Iraqi economy.”


“The IMF’s support for the economic reform approach adopted by the government was also discussed, as well as cooperation in the field of reforming and developing the Iraqi banking system, and supporting Iraq’s efforts to combat corruption,” the statement added.   Link


RVAlready:  May God bless all of us who are holding Dinar. May the CBI revalue soon!!! Amen


Yada:  RValready, Im expecting the rate to be released end of this week or in the coming days. Even at the fraction of the value, it is the beginning of something that will not stop. Makes sense to have this partially release to entice the Iraqs trade in thir 25k notes for lower denoms. And with the rules regarding how much can be changed in a value in a quarter, next quarter gives them more time


Yada:  Dont forget they can’t go international, like the UN is expecting with a program rate. We win no matter what rate it comes out at


Booyah:  yada – exciting times! Is it correct that if dinar comes out at $1.50, and we exchange a 25K note, we receive 37.5K? That would make it a real Xmas for a change


Yada:  Yes, good estimation booyah. After we are wealthy, we will have bankers throwing money at us to borrow from them.




Tishwash:  Parliament excludes the inclusion of important bills on its agenda


Not including important laws on the parliament’s agenda has become commonplace. Many economic laws are of interest to citizens, such as the social security law and the oil and gas law, which is scheduled to be passed during the current session.


There are many laws within the corridors of parliament, between suspended and suspended, and many are also waiting to be included on the agenda for a vote. A failure followed by another for the Council and a deep slumber in it, as the previous agendas were absent from the pensioners’ salaries law and social security, which are considered a priority for many


The oil and gas law, too, has not seen the light since previous parliamentary sessions due to the dispute over the mechanism for managing the oil fields, and the controversy is still present despite the existence of a draft law since the year two thousand and six, amid the possibility of making amendments to it in the event that Parliament took the decision to include it on the agenda.   link




CandyKisses:  Officially.. The Presidency of Parliament announces the end of the second legislative term


Urgent:  The Presidency of the House of Representatives announces the end of the second legislative term of the first legislative year




Tishwash:  The House of Representatives enters its legislative recess today…and questions about the fate of the 2023 budget law


Today, Thursday, the House of Representatives began its legislative recess for a period of 30 days, to resume its sessions on the ninth of next January.


Confirmed Member of Parliament for the bloc Kurdistan Democratic Party,Majid Shangali The House of Representatives entered its legislative recess today, Thursday.


Shankali continued, “The parliament extended its legislative term on the 8th of last month for a month, so today will be a legislative holiday in accordance with the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives.”


He pointed out, “The House of Representatives was waiting for the budget to arrive in order to proceed with holding its sessions until they are completed, but for not arriving from the government, it will enter its legislative recess.”


Shankali stressed that it is not possible to “cancel the legislative recess because it is within the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives, which stipulated that the legislative recess be for a period of two months, but it was reduced to one month only.”


It is supposed to be the last session of the House of Representatives in the second legislative term, yesterday, the first Tuesday, but the parliament failed to hold it as a result of differences between the political blocs regarding the special grades included in the paragraphs of the agenda of the session, which prompted the postponement of the session for further notice


And the House of Representatives announced, on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, the extension of the current legislative term by one month.


According to a statement by the House of Representatives Media Department, “The Presidency of the House of Representatives decided to extend the second legislative term / the first legislative year / the fifth electoral cycle, by one month, based on the provisions of Article (58 / second) of the constitution, in order to complete a number of tasks and necessary legislation.”


In addition, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee said Faisal Al-Naili According to the official newspaper: “Parliament is awaiting the 2023 budget law, as it is determined to legislate it as soon as possible.”


Citizens’ hopes relate to resolving political differences and voting on the next budget. The service, health and pension situation cannot bear a new year without financial allocations or a budget, as it was not approvedIraqThe 2022 budget project due to the political crisis that erupted after the elections and left the country without a government for a full year.


A member of the Parliamentary Oil and Gas Committee revealed, Zainab Mousawi New details about the next year’s budget, while confirming that it contains 150,000 job grades.


Al-Moussawi said in an interview with Alsumaria News The next budget for 2023 contains job grades that may reach 150,000, in addition to fixing contracts in all ministries and converting daily procedures into contracts, pointing out that the next budget took into account service and investment projects, infrastructure and health.


She added, “The preliminary information indicates that the price of a barrel of oil is at $45 per barrel in the budget, as a result of fluctuating oil prices, which is the average price, as it will generate a large surplus, since the prices of a barrel now range from 80-90 dollars, and the country exports approximately 3.3 million barrels.” .


Regarding the oil and gas law, Al-Moussawi explained: “We are with the legislation of the law that returns Erbil to hand over oil to the treasury of the Iraqi state, and the oil contracts are by the Federal Ministry of Oil as stipulated in the decisions of the Federal Court.”


Earlier, the Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that the draft budget will reach the House of Representatives early next year, as it has not yet been completed with the Ministries of Finance and Planning due to the high claims that arrived from the ministries and governorates and amounted to 222 trillion dinars, and needs to be reviewed and amended.


And the Parliamentary Finance Committee expected that the size of the next year’s budget would reach 150 billion dollars, at a time when it was approvedIraqOil is funded by financing 97 percent of its budget, at a time when the new government is struggling to address the repercussions of chronic corruption in the country.


And he did not approve Iraq The 2022 draft budget due to the political crisis that has gripped the country since the “early” elections were held on October 10, 2021.


According to deputies, “when the draft budget law reaches the parliament, the parliament will take two months or more to study, discuss and vote on it.”  Link