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TNT: CandyKisses:  New parliamentary talk about early elections


The representative of the State of Law coalition that is part of the coordination framework, Thaer al-Khair, confirmed, on Saturday, that there is no legitimacy to hold early elections without a condition.


He told Mawazine News, “Unless Parliament dissolves itself and calls for holding other parliamentary elections, we cannot talk about any (early) elections, because this issue has transgressed against constitutions and laws on how to re-elections.”


He added, “There is no legitimacy for these calls, but rather purely political orientations, and they bear the burden of the citizen and the street.”


CandyKisses:  Deputy : Dissolving parliament is the “best option”


Member of Parliament, Burhan Al-Maamouri, confirmed today, Friday, that dissolving parliament and setting a date for holding elections is the best option to end the current situation.


Al-Maamouri said in a statement to the “National News Center”, “The political obstruction that Iraq has been going through since the elections were held until now, which led to the disruption of the formation of the government, which the Iraqi people were hoping to meet even part of their aspirations, but unfortunately it became the opposite, which led to congestion.” The street and the departure of thousands of Iraqi people in demonstrations calling for the real reform of all state institutions.”


He added, “Dissolving Parliament and setting a date for holding elections is the best solution to end the current situation, which, if prolonged, will lead to more tension in the Iraqi street, and thus may burn everything.”


He continued, “Part of the political blocs stood as an obstacle in forming the government because of the interpretation of the Federal Court and the withdrawal of the largest Sadrist bloc from Parliament, which led to the loss of legitimacy for the House of Representatives, as the first winning bloc withdrew.”


He pointed out, “After the departure of thousands of demonstrators, the most demands were to dissolve parliament and set a date for early elections that would restore the political map to end the blockage in order to form a strong government capable of managing the state in the next stage, away from quotas and consensus, from which we have reaped nothing but ruin and destruction for more than 18 years.” through the outcomes of the electoral process.




Tishwash:  Friday sermon in the Celebrations Square: Consensus governments caused money losses and lack of services


Muhannad Al-Moussawi, the preacher of the unified Friday prayer in the Green Zone, announced on Friday 08/05/2022 his solidarity with the decision of the Sadrist movement’s leader Muqtada Al-Sadr to dissolve parliament and hold early elections.


Al-Moussawi said in the sermon, which was followed by the Obelisk Agency, that Iraq has become a prisoner of corruption and the corrupt, and it tops the lists of corruption in the world due to the policies of successive governments, quotas and sharing, and the deterioration of services, health, education, security and others, and very large numbers of the Iraqi people have reached below the poverty line.


He added: We have reached shameful results, including a lack of confidence in the political class, calling on Iraqis to seek reform.


He pointed out that one of the most important factors for change is taking responsibility, pointing out that the consensus governments have caused a lot of money losses and a lack of services.


Al-Moussawi pointed out that the love of the homeland requires the sacrifice of time and souls, indicating that the people lacked confidence in the political class.


He explained, that the religious reference refused to receive some politicians categorically until it closed its door in their faces, noting that the reference still stands by the will of the people.


Al-Moussawi concluded by saying: Whoever does not support reform will be a prisoner of militias and poverty, pointing out that everyone should advocate and not sit and rely on others, noting that all historical reform movements took place through sacrifice.   link




Tishwash:  He set a condition for its establishment.. Al-Kazemi’s advisor: The Central Bank has expressed its willingness to manage the Generations Fund


The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, set, today, Saturday, a condition for the establishment of the sovereign fund, noting that the Central Bank of Iraq expressed its willingness to manage the fund


. From the text and spirit of Article 19 of the amended Federal Financial Management Law No. 6 of 2019, which stipulates the establishment of a (sovereign fund) in which financial savings shall be deposited after covering the expenditures stipulated in the annual Federal Budget Law, including covering the hypothetical or planned deficit in the estimates of the general budget annual research topic.


He added, “The Sovereign Fund or the Generations Fund requires the availability of a law for the federal general budget for the year 2022 to be defined and set the rules and mechanisms for the fund’s work at the end of the current fiscal year, especially after the Central Bank of Iraq expressed its willingness to manage the fund based on its law as the state bank and financial agent. It has the right to manage all its financial investments.


He continued, “However, this does not prevent the Ministry of Finance from preparing to draw up a program for managing the sovereign fund or the Generations Fund, and setting its investment objectives to serve development and economic progress in our country.”


He pointed out that “the financial savings achieved outside the Emergency Law for Food Security and Development No. 2 of 2022 and the applications of Article 13 of the Financial Management Law No. 6 of 2019 amended regarding the restriction of exchange at 1/12 of the total actual current spending for the year 2021, are still managed as reserve financial savings. By the Central Bank of Iraq (the financial agent of the state) and according to the best applications available globally in the management of safe short-term financial investments.


Saleh stressed, that “the Sovereign Fund or the Generations Fund, when established, remains attached to a prerequisite, which is the existence of a general budget law, and otherwise, the financial savings achieved will remain in part in the hedging account referred to in the first articles of the current Emergency Food Security Law No. 2 of 2022.” Until the end of the 2022 fiscal year, in the event that a budget law is not issued.


He continued by saying that “any savings outside the expenditures of the two laws above will be partly spent within the opening balance of the next fiscal year 2023, and the other part will remain a financial reserve for the government pending the enactment of a budget law for the year 2023, so that the Generations Fund or the Sovereign Fund can work, due to the legal connection between the Sovereign Fund and the availability of funds.” The surplus through an approved annual budget and legally committed to its provisions.  link

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