TNT Tidbits From TNT Sunday Morning

TNT: Haystack:  Remember, one day Kuwait said they would not revalue their currency and the very next day they did. So who knows what will happen in the middle east.


Grace Renewed:  So what’s going on that is a big plus for us?


KaseyKo1:  Grace, it looks like a sovereign acct is being setup thru the CBI for them to monitor & disperse funds for the Food Svc Law. I think it’s a pretty important step in positioning the release of the RV.


DP2win:  A thought. Political maneuver. If parliament cannot be dissolved based on the constitution, can’t Kazimi stay in office indefinitely thereby creating a lifelong term & stability??  Then the cbi could revalue with said stability. It would still hurt Irans economy too.


Jambie67:  Just saw a great reminder that we should all be mindful of: “Never let what you want make you forget the things you have.”


Harambe:  Samsung to start producing semiconductor components in Vietnam | VnExpress International   (8/6/22)


Samsung is testing its ball grid array products and will mass produce them at the tech giant’s factory in northern Thai Nguyen Province in July 2023.


Roh Tae-Moon, head of Samsung’s key smartphone division, said this at a Friday meeting with Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh.


On its homepage, Samsung has said that it is preparing trial production for semiconductor chip grid products and planning to open a research and development (R&D) center in Hanoi later this year or early next year.


The company said the R&D center was about 85% complete.


“Semiconductors would mark a third business for Samsung in Vietnam, where the company makes home appliances and half of its smartphones,” according to Nikkei Asia.


In the first half of 2022, Samsung Vietnam’s export revenue was $34.3 billion, up 18% from the same period last year.


In February, Samsung announced an additional $920 million investment into its factory in Vietnam.


Before Samsung, Vietnam had Intel Products Vietnam (IPV), the largest assembly and testing plant in Intel’s network. During the global chip crisis, IPV not only maintained stable operations, but also made a number of innovative contributions to help it fill the shortage in semiconductors. One of the key initiatives was to improve the substrate treatment process at the plant.


“Vietnam has the ability to establish the necessary infrastructure and policies needed to support cutting-edge manufacturing operations in the chip sector,” Steve Long, general manager of Intel’s Asia-Pacific and Japan region, had said during an interview with VnExpress in May.


He said the stable socio-political environment, increasingly liberalized trade and investment policies, and a young and talented workforce were the reasons for foreign investors, especially large tech corporations, finding Vietnam an attractive destination.


Vietnam is home to 60 percent of Samsung’s total smartphone production.


Samsung, Vietnam’s biggest foreign direct investor, first invested $1.3 billion in its electro-mechanics unit in 2013. The unit produces main boards and other electronics components.


As of last year, the world’s largest memory chip maker had invested $18 billion in Vietnam.




Harambe:  Iraq ranked 34th among countries with largest gold reserves | Shafaq (8/6/22)


The Central Bank of Iraq was the largest purchaser of gold in June, adding 34t to its gold reserves, to become the 34th country with the largest gold reserves in the world.


This is Iraq’s first addition since September 2018 (7t) and lifts total gold reserves to 130t, 11% of total reserves.


Uzbekistan (9t), Turkey (8t), Kazakhstan (4t) and India (4t), all regular buyers, were the other significant purchases during the month.


In all, central bank net purchases for Q2 stand at 180t, pushing the H1 total to 270t as reported in our recently published Gold Demand Trends. This is a continuation of the strong buying that we saw last year and we now expect full-year central bank demand for 2022 to be on a par with 2021 levels.


The U.S. tops the list of the countries with the largest gold reserves with 8133t, followed by Germany 3355t, and Italy 2451t.




CandyKisses:  Al-Sadr: (Dissolving Parliament) has become a popular, political and elitist demand for which there is no alternative


Shafaq News/ On Saturday, the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, renewed his adherence to the demand to dissolve the Iraqi parliament and to hold early legislative elections in the country, stressing the continuation of the movement’s supporters in continuing the protests until the demands he calls for are achieved.


Al-Sadr said in a tweet today, “Positive responses came regarding (dissolving Parliament) and a popular and clan response, from academics, civil society institutions, and preachers of the Husseini pulpit, and even from some scholars of the honorable seminary and from some Kurdish, Sunni and even Shiite political leaders.”


Al-Sadr thanked those who supported the idea of dissolving parliament, saying, “I call on them to take a serious stand to save Iraq from the tusks of corruption and dependency and to correct the course of the political process that harmed the people and the country.”


He added, “So come to a common word and to serious and real actions, and let’s move away from meager dialogues. Iraq needs actions, not words.”


Al-Sadr also indicated that “the people yearn for real reform that will save them from the suffering they are in, for which patience is no longer commendable.”


He said, “Let everyone know that the revolutionaries will continue their revolution until the demands are fulfilled and they will not give up at all. It is their only and last chance. So, beloved ones, continue until the demands are fulfilled, and I am with you, the proud people of oppression, like Imam Hussein.”


The leader of the Sadrist movement continued by saying, “(Dissolving Parliament) has become a popular, political and elitist demand for which there is no alternative. Let all the corrupt mouths be silenced wherever they are.”