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TNT: Tishwash:  After audio leaks… Al-Maliki and Al-Amiri will not run for prime minister


The “Shiite Coordination Framework” blocs in Iraq announced that the head of the “State of Law” coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, and the leader of the “Al-Fateh” coalition, Hadi al-Amiri, withdrew from the race for prime minister in the country, and said that they emphasized their “paternal role”, and expressed “great understanding and flexibility” in Urgent need to decide the right candidate for the position.


The statement of the framework, which is a bloc of Iraqi Shiite parties, comes one day after a statement by the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, in which he demanded that al-Maliki step down and observe i’tikaaf after “audio leaks” attributed to the former prime minister, in which al-Sadr addresses words such as “thief” and “murderer”.


The validity of these leaks has not yet been confirmed , and Al-Maliki has repeatedly denied them, as have the tire blocks.


The Supreme Judicial Council announced, on Tuesday, the opening of an investigation into these leaks. Link


Yada:  Observation: it was the Framework who was behind getting tie Courts to change the vote to 2/3rd. Now the possibility of them not forming a government because they may not get the 2/3rds. Hence Kadzimi stays in office


CharlieOK:  It just keeps coming back full circle, yada. These guys are not going to get their stuff together. They are never on time and always delay making decisions. Ergo: Caretaker Govt. This is a good thing. It is the only way for stability in Iraq now because the crooks that be are not going to give up the gravy train,


MRiles:  IMO the Government has already been confirmed. Kazemi is the PM and a Kurd is the President. Kazemi has included some of the framework in his Government. This will all be revealed later this week or early next week and the RV or RI will follow very soon afterwards All the external contracts are been rewritten in IQD (not USD) at the new exchange rate. This will happen in July…..So do not worry about all this BS that we are reading about the framework or sadar or any of this other smoke. It is done so relax and get ready for our new life That’s my belief and I’m sticking to it!!!!


Yada:  Agreed mriles. That is how I see this playing out. The bad guys have run out of moves.


CharlieOK:  mriles: The problem is that you can’t confirm anything. I have posted several times that I suspect there has been a govt. operating in the background for some time. Call it a CG or whatever, the international community is not going to do business with Iraq if it is the Wild West. The question is how long can the crooks that be keep the cat in the bag.


MRiles:  charlieOk I believe you can verify that the contracts have been rewritten if you know a contractor that works in Iraq….”Government has already been confirmed” cannot confirm but I strongly believe based on lots of articles and the fact that Kazemi represented Iraq in the Saudi meeting the past wk end


Yada:  Ageed with you on every point. Fact is can’t bring stuff in from other sites who have shown the proof this is release time. The use of the word Caretaker government is slang. It was used to nullify the exisxting government taking authority from them but their constitution does describe the works of the government operating under emergency sistuation or when they’ve exceeded the time to form a government


CharlieOK:  mriles: Contractor contracts are for the benefit of the contractors. The rv isn’t going to happen until the cbi revalues the currency. Tony believes the cbi is going to wait until a govt. is announced, or not. If not, then the CG is formed, as business goes on,  hopefully the cbi will see this as a secure scenario and rv the Iraqi dinar,


MRiles:  CharlieOK The point is that the contracts have are being rewritten in IQD I believe there is an established new rate and Iraq is working with two books and I am sooooo ready


CharlieOK:  agree they are working with two sets of books, and have for years. The point is that contractors getting paid with revalued dinar has nothing to do with when we get paid.


Yada:  Charlie, I do believe that the rate the contractors receive will be the same or there about what and when we receive ours.


Yada:  Believe the three of us, CharlieOK, mriles, and myself are looking at the same thing but from different angles,,  We are arriving in the station on the same train. Time to go to the bank my friends




Tishwash:  Iraq’s Strategies to Enter Global Trade


At a time when Iraq is preparing to join the World Trade Organization, as a full member of the organization, economic specialists are discussing the materials that Iraq can export to the world other than oil and other raw materials, so as to serve Iraq’s accession to the World Organization, which is an intergovernmental organization that regulates And facilitate international trade between nations, stressing at the same time the importance of keeping pace with commercial laws of the laws of the organization.


The World Trade Organization, according to Wikipedia, facilitates trade in goods, services, and intellectual property between participating countries by providing a framework for negotiating trade agreements usually aimed at reducing or eliminating tariffs, supply quotas, and other trade barriers.


Independent disputes to enforce participants’ compliance with trade agreements and resolve trade-related disputes. The organization also prohibits discrimination between trading partners, but provides exceptions for environmental protection, national security, and other important goals.


essential factors


The economic researcher Firas Amer believes that “the presence of basic factors, the most important of which are production and export, and a currency cover filled with the cash reserve in the Central Bank, play a pivotal role in promoting trade, which Iraq seeks for its international organization, and in the absence of these factors and its survival is to export oil, which is not considered A commercial commodity that can be exchanged. According to the World Trade Organization, accession requires the production and export of non-oil commodities.


He continued in an interview with “Al-Sabah” that “since Iraq enjoys a good currency cover, it lacks the other factors to sustain sufficient production and export its surplus, which requires the presence of electricity and the reduction of unequal importer competition with little production.”


strategic plans


For his part, the economic academic Dr. Majid Al-Baydani added: “Iraq lacks strategic plans at the market level. For example, the work of the Iraqi merchant is seasonal only and does not think about storage, because he is looking to dispose of his goods as soon as possible, in response to the market’s need only from demand.”


Al-Baydani pointed out that “controlling general stability at the commercial and industrial levels is difficult in a country like Iraq, in which external and internal factors overlap, which calls for a strict policy to support local production at the agricultural and industrial levels, which have a direct impact on the daily life of the citizen.” .


Al-Baydani asserts that “joining the world organization gives Iraq the opportunity to cooperate with members of the organization and integrate the Iraqi economy into the global framework, and gives the country the opportunity for international economic competition, and ends its economic isolation since the nineties of the last century.”


And he indicated that “the advantages of joining require Iraq to develop constitutional institutions, cooperate and coordinate with the World Trade Organization in order to build a legal base that matches the rules of the organization,” noting that “reforming productive conditions (industrial and agricultural) is one of the most important challenges facing Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization, and clarity Data provided by the government to the organization regarding costs, fees, taxes, customs, etc.


private documents


On Sunday, the International Trade Center explained the importance of Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization, and in what he referred to the preparation of special documents on this, he stressed that Iraq is in the middle of the path of joining the World Trade Organization.


The International Trade Coordinator at the Center, Isra Al-Jabbari, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “Iraq is in the stage of joining the World Trade Organization, as it submitted an application for accession since 2004 and the organization approved it, and Iraq is currently an observer member of the organization.”


She pointed out that “the organization is a global organization that contains 168 countries and they have agreements, laws, and their own conditions for accession,” explaining that “any country that wishes to be a member of the organization must implement its internal laws, strategies and policies in accordance with the agreements of the World Trade Organization.” She stressed that “the International Trade Center is working to help Iraq to provide technical and technical support in harmonizing laws and agreements with regard to its accession to world trade, and there are important documents that are being worked on.”


She pointed out that “the main part of communicating with the organization in order to join is the Ministry of Commerce, which in turn presents the file, which includes all the relevant ministries in Iraq, as well as the private sector,” stressing “striving to work on preparing special documents for accession in accordance with the agreements of the Trade Organization.” “.


Iraq qualifications


She added, “Iraq has the industrial and agricultural qualifications and trade exchange, but it needs to work on studying and developing the applicable policies so that there is harmonization with the laws of the organization,” noting that “Iraq is currently in the middle of the road to joining.”


She noted the importance of “Iraq’s accession to the organization, as it deserves to be part of the international commercial, industrial and economic community, especially since its accession will be part of this international community and can regulate its economic and commercial policies, including trade exchange in accordance with international laws that serve it with all concerned parties that deal with it.” with her in the future.  link




Tishwash:  Fitch expects Iraq’s debt to decline sharply during 2022


Fitch Ratings expected Iraq’s government debt to decline sharply in 2022 relative to gross domestic product, bringing it to pre-Covid-19 levels.


Fitch said, in a report today, Wednesday, that this decline is a positive matter for the creditworthiness of the sovereign rating, noting that this decline may not be sustainable; Due to political tensions that have constrained public spending and reflect the high political risks that are recorded in Iraq’s rating at ” B- ”


The agency forecasts that debt-to-GDP will decline as oil prices rise – which it estimates will average $105 per barrel in 2022 and $85 per barrel in 2023 – and government revenues and nominal GDP increase


Fitch noted that it expects the ratio of Iraqi government debt to GDP to decrease in 2022 to about 47% of GDP, compared to 66% in 2021, indicating that the debt ratio in the country is the largest for any sovereign country in the Middle East. and North Africa, which puts the country below the ” B ” average in the sovereign rating


The agency indicated that its expectations of achieving a fiscal surplus of GDP of 17% in 2022 assumes an increase in spending by 6% of GDP, in general agreement with the emergency support law.   Link

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