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TNT: Tishwash:  The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq receives the Chairman of the Securities Commission


His Excellency the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Mustafa Ghaleb Mukhaif, received today, Wednesday, His Excellency the Chairman of the Securities Commission, Mr. Hassan Al-Aqili.


During the meeting, they discussed the financial and economic situation in Iraq, the role of the stock market in facilitating the movement of stocks and bonds, and public awareness of financial markets, and the importance of its role in sustainable development.


The two parties agreed to encourage stock trading operations, switch to electronic mechanisms and keep pace with the development taking place in this field.


His Excellency the Governor indicated that the Central Bank of Iraq launched its development initiatives, which exceeded 18 trillion Iraqi dinars, with the aim of stimulating the Iraqi economy and moving its wheel forward, stressing that the initiatives of the Bank contributed significantly to providing many job opportunities for different segments and groups in society.


Central Bank of Iraq

Media Office

28 – September – 2022




Doc: Articles indicate Sadar pushed it until mid-Oct for Framework to do its thing. Sadar has been delaying 30 days, 15 more days, etc for months. So, is Sadar the holdup? or id Maliki really controlling Sadar ? Do we see anything that will get this off the dime?


Annie68:  Maliki is and always has been Iraq’s problems!


CharlieOK:  Nope. Don’t agree. Iran pulls Maliki’s strings. He is merely a puppet. When they are through with him, he is toast.


CharlieOK:  Just listened to a news source saying that Iran has attacked Kurds in NW Iraq. This happened at the same time all the unrest is going on in Iran. Again we see that it is not Maliki that is the main culprit or problems in Iraq – it is IRAN. Iraq is going to have to decide to be a sovereign country.


RVAlready: It seems that the problem in Iraq has too many variables, hence, no solution in a year. I’m pretty sure the UN has a pretty good idea on an reasonable. Thus, I think we are just waiting on the UN to come in next week an impose the solution. We are just wasting time between now and then. … on a reasonable solution …




Tishwash:  Movement to include the vote on the President of the Republic in the upcoming parliamentary session


A source in the coordinating framework revealed a political movement to include the paragraph of the election of the President of the Republic in the agenda of the parliament session, today, Wednesday, dedicated to voting on the resignation of Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi, and choosing a deputy for him.


The source told Shafaq News Agency, that there is a movement among the political forces with the aim of including the paragraph of electing the President of the Republic on the agenda of today’s session of the House of Representatives.


He added, that according to this move and what was agreed upon in principle, the resignation of Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi will be rejected and the candidate for the position of the first deputy speaker of parliament will be elected, and then the paragraph of electing the President of the Republic will be included.


After the election of the president, and according to the prepared scenario, the source says, today’s session will also assign Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani to form a government.


Earlier, 11 independent deputies in the Iraqi parliament announced that they would not attend the council session scheduled for today, hours after a similar decision taken by deputies of the extension movement.  link




Tishwash:  Iran protests: burning of banks… and the arrest of Faezeh Hashemi… and live bullets to confront the demonstrators


While protests have continued in various Iranian cities since the killing of the young woman, Mahsa Amini, at the hands of the police, international reactions have escalated towards the Iranian regime’s repression against demonstrators, amid Western warnings and demands to impose new sanctions against the Tehran regime.


The capital, Tehran, witnessed demonstrations, on the evening of Tuesday, September 27, as demonstrators in the Haft Houd neighborhood chanted “Death to the dictator,” while demonstrators in the streets of Sanandaj, western Iran, blocked roads and burned government banners.


The people of Chabahar also protested against the police chief’s rape of a 15-year-old girl, and the killing of Mahsa Amini, where the police fired live bullets at the demonstrators.


As protests continued in various parts of Iran, violent security repression continued to confront them. In a video clip circulated by activists from the city of Khafajia, Iranian security appeared to confront the protesters in the “Abu Dhar” neighborhood with live bullets to prevent them from gathering and in solidarity with the public protests.


It is noteworthy that the “Abu Dhar” neighborhood has witnessed in the past years violent confrontations between security and protesters against the Iranian regime.


The arrest of Faezeh Hashemi and the burning of government banks


According to information received by Iran International, Faezeh Hashemi, a political activist and daughter of former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, was arrested in Tehran.


Hashemi Rafsanjani had criticized the Iranian regime in an unprecedented way and called for its overthrow during lectures she gave on the Club House application, which called on some hardliners in the regime to arrest her.


Meanwhile, protesters in the southeastern city of Chabahar set fire to two government banks in protest against the rape of a 15-year-old girl by a police chief and the killing of Mahsa Amini.


Iranian security forces fired live bullets and used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.


Confrontations with the security forces and burning of pictures of Supreme Leader Khamenei


According to the reports received, the protests in the city of Khafajia / Susankard, Khuzestan province, southwest of Iran, are expanding and entering new neighborhoods of the city. Video clips also showed clashes between security forces and protesters, as a result of which one of the demonstrators was wounded.


A video clip obtained by “Iran International” showed a group of Iranian security forces collectively attacking a woman in Shiraz, southern Iran, and beating her with sticks and batons.


A video sent to “Iran International” from the city of Shiraz also shows a protester setting fire to a banner with the image of the Iranian leader, Ali Khamenei, in front of the Intelligence Department building in Fars Province, central Iran.


Student protests continue


Student protests also continued, as students of Chamran University in Ahvas, southwestern Iran, organized a march on Tuesday inside the university campus in support of the protests that took place in the country, chanting: “We are not rioters, we are protesting.”


After protests and strikes by university students across Iran, a number of university professors joined the protesting students.


A number of university professors submitted their resignations in support of the popular protests and rejection of the crackdown on protesters, while others announced that they would stop teaching in support of the nationwide student strike. are silent.”


Escalation against the Kurds


For its part, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard escalated its retaliatory attacks on the Kurdish areas in conjunction with the widespread protests in Iran.


Today, Tuesday, September 27, the Revolutionary Guards carried out attacks on the positions of the Kurdish PJAK forces in the Shoman region, on the border line between Iraq and Iran.

While the commander of the Ashura Corps of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Asghar Abbas Qolizadeh, considered the protests in Iran as “engineered from abroad,” and said: “The source of all calamities is the lack of obedience to the Wali al-Faqih.”


International warnings and the threat of new sanctions


In terms of international reactions, Amnesty International issued a statement calling for immediate international action to ensure accountability for Mahsa Amini’s death in detention, and wrote that the investigation must be independent, impartial and effective, and that the suspects must be brought to justice in a fair judicial process.


The spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights also expressed concern about the suppression of protests in Iran, and the imposition of restrictions on the Internet and social media by the Tehran regime.


Meanwhile, German Foreign Minister Annalina Birbock called for new sanctions to be imposed on Tehran.

“In the European Union circle, we now have to talk very quickly about the following consequences, which, for me, include sanctions against officials of the [Islamic Republic],” Barbock told dpa today, Tuesday, September 27, in Berlin.


These statements came at a time when Germany summoned the Iranian regime’s ambassador in Berlin, on Monday, to protest against the suppression of protesters in Iran.


For his part, US State Department spokesman Ned Price warned that Washington will investigate all those involved in the killing and suppression of protesters in Iran, stressing that more sanctions are awaiting the Iranian regime.


In an interview with Rudaw news channel, Ned Price said that there is no doubt about the evidence of Mahsa Amini’s death after her arrest by the Guidance Patrol.


Democratic Senator **** Durbin wrote in a tweet that the Iranian regime, like the regimes of Russia and Cuba, uses criminal groups to suppress internal protests.


US Democratic Senator Ben Cardin strongly condemned the Iranian security killing of Mahsa Amini, and said: “We stand with the brave Iranian women who are protesting against the Iranian regime. Tehran must end the systematic torture of women and allow freedom of expression.”


“While Iranian protesters are suppressing Iranian security, the Biden administration continues to work to revive the flawed nuclear deal, which will help Iran get billions of dollars,” said Representative Brian Steele.   Link