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Tishwash:  Iran got 1.6 billion euros from Iraqi gas arrears


And according to the Mehr News Agency , that Iranian Oil Minister Javad Oji said this morning that the Oil Ministry in the 13th government used all capabilities and capabilities in the field of energy with many countries, including Latin America, to sell oil, so a good approach was taken in this regard. .


He added: Last year and this year, we were able to reach all the arrears related to the export of gas to Iraq. Last year we received about one billion euros, and this year we got about 1.6 billion euros from our arrears.


Oji said: Fortunately, gas exports to Iraq increased this year by one and a half billion cubic meters compared to last year link


Tishwash:  Washington is clinging to Iraq.. It left the door of the occupation and returned through the “window” of NATO


Various pretexts, and many arguments used by the United States of America to stay in Iraqi territory, it is certain that Washington does not want to leave Iraq permanently, and when it officially withdrew from the country in 2011, it returned again with a new mask under the name of “NATO forces”.


The new pretext used by the White House to return again to Iraq was represented by the presence of forces providing “aid and advice” to the Iraqi army, while fighting the terrorist organization “ISIS”. to achieve what you aspire to.


Corrupt deals, useless service, and parliamentary calls to rely on qualitative courses, instead of the training provided by the foreign coalition forces, which led to the request of members of the Iraqi Parliament to specify the type of “NATO” training for the Iraqi army, which has proven its ability to lead battles and achieve victory.


In this regard, a member of the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Baldawi, says that “the Iraqi forces do not need traditional training courses, nominally, and they excel on many occasions over foreign trainers from NATO,” noting that “the Iraqi forces have proven their ability to lead battles and achieve victory in the field.” “.


Al-Baldawi added, in an interview with Al-Maalouma, that “Iraq needs development in the field of drones and the modern air defense system, and as for the courses that are being held now, there is no benefit from them.”


Al-Baldawi explains that “there are many deals conducted with NATO that were marred by many corruption deals and the high sums that are contracted,” stressing that “the previous government spread many corruption deals at all levels, not just contracts with NATO.”


An excuse to stay


For his part, Ibrahim al-Sukaini, a member of the State of Law Coalition, considered the continuation of NATO in Iraq as nothing but a pretext to impose their presence inside Iraqi territory, while pointing out that these alleged training courses are a drain on Iraq’s funds.


Al-Sukaini mentioned in an interview with Al-Maalouma, that “the continuation of NATO inside Iraqi territory is nothing but a pretext to impose their presence and continuation inside Iraq,” calling on the new government to “implement the decision to end the presence of foreign forces from the country.”


And he points out, “The courses and workshops that NATO holds for the Iraqi forces are a drain on the country’s money through the huge sums that they take under the pretext of training.”


And he added, “We notice on many occasions the superiority of Iraqi soldiers over foreign trainers in most military magazines,” pointing out that “Iraqi trainers and military colleges operate at high levels that make the Iraqi soldier not need such courses.”


* Circumvention of the agreement


The previous caretaker government was required to implement the decision of the previous parliament, which voted to remove all foreign forces from the country at the end of 2021, but the government settled the matter and turned around the agreement, according to political analyst Sabah Al-Aqili.


Al-Aqili affirmed, in an interview with the information agency, that “Parliament can resolve the issue of the foreign presence inside Iraq by interrogating the head of the caretaker government, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, inside Parliament, pointing out that “there is a circumvention of the agreement for the exit of foreign forces.”


He points out, “Parliament has already decided to completely remove foreign forces from Iraqi territory, and the government has an agreement within the strategic framework agreement, as it was announced with all its provisions, so that the United States is not allowed to keep any of its soldiers in Iraq.”


He added, however, that “the foreign presence is present today in Iraq under the pretext of NATO forces, as the German forces announced a few days ago that they would extend their presence in Iraq for a year, although it is not part of this alliance.”


It is reported that “there is a circumvention of the agreement that necessitates the exit of foreign forces from Iraq, and therefore a parliamentary move must be taken to collect signatures and interrogate Al-Kazemi in parliament to find out the fate of the strategic agreement, as well as the fate of these forces that arrive, roam and move between Iraqi and Syrian lands.”


The decision to remove all foreign forces from Iraqi lands remains that needs a national will, represented by a decision from parliament and implementation by the Iraqi government.


The different pretexts and the variety of arguments may be a reason to stay for a short time only. As for adhering to the policy of occupation and preserving interests inside Iraq, it may push the people to remind them of what happened. After 2003!. link