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RVALready: We have given Iraq huge amounts of extra time to do the RV. Time to get this done. I think Trump has probably sent that message. From other sources, this seems ready to go.

In case you guys are not reading, Trump is about to take over the Federal Reserve Board of Governors with new appointments. Only one small piece of his plan…. The game for economic control is getting serious.

If everything goes right, the US might be out of debt in the not too distant future.

What you are seeing now was predicted decades ago…. It has been the subject of books and papers and compartmentalized data. You would have a very difficult time finding all the originating documents now.

People who want to bury this just call it conspiracy theory, but this is real economic history….. Let’s say, I think the RV is at the boiling point.

So, what did Jefferson say about allowing central banks to control the US currency?.

Fiat currencies do not last.

Harambe:  Reuters: Iraqi PM suspends electricity minister amid unrest over poor services