Tuesday UPDATE for March 28, 2017

It is being reported to me that Parliament was on Iraqi TV demanding the operations in Mosul be paused due to civilian casualties.

Iraq army reports that ISIS used huge car bombs to kill … Read More


Monday’s call is at 1:00 PM, Eastern. Lots of expectations, lots of questions. – RAYREN98

1 pm EDT / 12 pm CST / 11 am MST / 10 am PST / 9 am AKST / 7 am HAST

Q & … Read More


Freeway2: On Fox Business, showing all Bank stocks down. We know a way we can help them. Just get the RV done

Briana:  The current markets are so overvalued that a serious decline is a certainty, which will to bring … Read More


GJHHonor: gm to all still to new rates for IQD come rv nowwwwww

JSStripler: MOSUL UPDATE–A wide-scale collapse among Da’ish ranks is taking place in front of a large push by #Iraq’s special forces in western #Mosul as we speak. … Read More


RvRv:  I’ve heard that April is a popular month for the IMF to officially revalue a country’s currency.    Has anyone else heard this or have any documentation?

Fuze:  RvRv for the last 32 years, 100% of the time in all  … Read More


TNT SATURDAY UPDATE ~ MARCH 25, 2017… It has been reported that Iraqi TV is broadcasting a “pause” in the battle in Mosul due to the report of civilian casualties. A new tactic will be employed. Isis is using the … Read More


LadyC: For anyone who is interested…PM Abadi is doing in interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace this Sunday 11AM (his show). Apparently, PM Abadi did the interview while he was here to see the President.

Old Crow: I have read on … Read More