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The central bank rescued from collapse of the Iraqi dinar


Aggiedad77: Quite the interesting article Family……no the CBI has not been responsible for the collapse of things in Iraq…..in fact it has done just the opposite since the fall of Saddam…..since 2003….the CBI, especially while under the tutelage of Dr. Shabibi, up until he left, and again now as we look for him to step back in…..he has created a strong entity called the Central Bank of Iraq….the CBI….

Through his careful guidance the CBI has kept the IQD from being weaker than it is today….in fact….from 2003 until now the IQD has strengthened…..the CBI has also managed inflation within Iraq to a level that many other countries are envious of their efforts….their inflation floats around 2-3% routinely and has done so for a number of years…..it could have just as easily skyrocketed after the fall of Saddam….but through a careful managed program it was well protected…..

The reserves of Iraq have also been quietly protected with the CBI having control of the countries reserves…..yes they have seen their share of corruption which is unfortunate….but they are working through that in compliance with the wishes of PM Abadi and his feelings towards corruption and money laundering…..now watch as they untangle the corrupt web from banks outside of the CBI….they push forward….the CBI leads the way……the BEST is yet to come.   Aloha   Randy