IMO…Too much, focus…on Allawi…Keep in mind, whether…Allawi is seated or not…Iraq, does have…a seated and functioning government/cabinet in place…which, continues to convene and issue directives under Mahdi…Mahdi and his cabinet (form) nothing more then a care-taker government…Yet, they are in fact a seated government… Nor, can they now or have they ever had the authority to vote on a bill, to become law…The PM and his cabinet propose bills, which…in turn, are forwarded to parliament for a vote, which are then voted on…becoming law, or not…  Parliament, on the other hand… is not, part of the executive branch… Any bill that has reached parliament, sitting in parliament (100’s ) or was approved prior to Mahdis resignation can be voted on in parliament. ie: 2020 budget..  Parliament must also vote on the acceptance of a cabinet put forward by any PM.

As a caretaker government Mahdi and his cabinet cannot issue bills to parliament but they can issue directives to other branches of the government. ie: release of funds to citizens, claim a holiday, etc..These do not require a vote in parliament…I agree, and yet the CBI has been prepared for quite some time… An event, Mahdi failed twice in its implementation…Myself, I put no faith in their abiding by their constitution… They opt to select when to abide by it when it’s in ones best interest… In the years since it was voted on, all sitting governments have been in violation… Article 140, HCL… only 2 of many clear violations.