In Walkingstick 

The intention was not to not reinstate. It was to reinstate the IQD. The goal was to bring the IQD back globally internationally and add value Internationally for the citizens and for the citizens’ purchasing power. This was the goal from the very beginning – to bring the Iraqi dinar back to the glory days. Old timers do you remember those words? The glory days are here but they’ve added more onto it…the mission has been accomplished. They have revalued. They are going to reinstate because they’ve already redenominated. No need to print more. The monetary reform of the Iraqi dinar, the plan, its intentions are right in front of your eyes right now.

All the benchmarks that Iraq had to meet for their 2 reforms – monetary & economic were met. That’s why Chapter 7 was lifted and that’s why the United Nations Security Council ain’t got jack on Iraq…they met all the benchmarks. Congratulations Iraq …government…central bank you met all the benchmarks for your two reforms. They were all met and now they’re being shown to the citizens and to the international world.  This is just amazing.