In Walkingstick 

The meetings that they’re having on Saturdays…the meetings are talking about the HCL. It’s a hot topic…they’re still talking about when they’re gonna hand out the information to the citizens, the rate and the whole works.  But they’re also heavily talking on the HCL…It all makes sense because the rate is tied in with the budget.  The budget is tied in with the HCL and the HCL is tied in with the monetary reform…why?  Because they [Iraqi citizens] will automatically have bank accounts open. “You do want your share of the mineral and oil and gas rights? Yes, I do. You now have an account in our bank…that’s the only way you’re going to get your HCL money. You can’t get it any other way…” Brilliant. This is a masterpiece and it was well done by the United States Treasury and President Trump. That’s what the meetings are now.

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