Washington: Iraq bought $18.31 billion in US bonds in 2022

The US Treasury Department revealed on Saturday that Iraq ranked first among the most Arab countries buying US bonds during the past year.

The ministry said in a statistic on its official website that “Iraq bought US bonds during the past year 2022 and from January to December amounted to 18.31 billion dollars, with a growth rate of 81.38% and to reach 40.814 billion dollars, and ranks first among the Arab countries that were the most buyers of US bonds during the past year.”

She added that “the UAE came second by buying bonds within one year by 13.7 billion dollars and a growth of 30.51%, followed by Kuwait through its purchase of 2.1 billion dollars and a growth of 4.53%, followed by Saudi Arabia through its purchase of 700 million dollars and a growth of 0.59%.”

She pointed out that “Saudi Arabia was the most Arab country with US bonds worth 119.709 billion dollars, followed by the UAE with $ 58.50 billion, followed by Kuwait with 48.522 billion dollars, then Iraq fourth with 40.814 billion dollars, followed by Oman with 6.860 billion dollars.”