We discussed with Washington linking the market and the dinar to the dollar. And reveals the terms of the agreement with Iran

{Political: Euphrates News} Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein confirmed that the recent Iraqi-American talks focused on bilateral relations and joint work in the fields of economy, energy, health and security.

Hussein explained in a press statement that US-Iraqi relations are distinguished, and expanded to include different areas, after they were based on security and military cooperation, pointing to Washington’s support for the Iraqi position in the international arena, and for economic reform and development in the country.

Regarding the security agreement recently signed between Iraq and Iran, he reported that its terms have been fully implemented from the Iraqi side, with regard to the return of militants on the border between the two countries in Iraqi Kurdistan to refugee camps.

On the political and security importance of this agreement, Hussein stressed that stopping Iran bombing areas in Iraqi Kurdistan was one of the conditions of the agreement, in exchange for the removal of militants across the border, which the federal government did in cooperation with the Kurdistan Regional Government, in a “important and successful” process for both sides.

On the possibility of signing a similar agreement with Turkey on armed Kurdish groups that Ankara remove from the border, Hussein said that Baghdad has always been in dialogue, expressing his wishes for “intensive dialogues by the same means” with the Turkish side.

According to the foreign minister, Ankara has not yet given way to discuss solutions to this problem in another way that is far from the use of weapons and violence.

The same spokesman revealed that the President of the Republic summoned the Turkish ambassador to Baghdad to hand him a protest note after the recent bombing, which targeted Arajd airport in Sulaymaniyah.

The Iraqi official denied there was any agreement with Turkey to allow it to carry out repeated strikes on PKK forces, northern Iraq.

Regarding relations with Kuwait, the spokesman explained that the Prime Minister held an “important meeting” with his Kuwaiti counterpart, during which he stressed “Iraq’s full commitment to all Security Council resolutions, bilateral agreements, and respect for Kuwait’s sovereignty.

Returning to the issue of relations with the United States, the Iraqi official revealed that among the important files on the level of dialogue with Washington was “the issue of linking the Iraqi market and currency with the dollar and the flows of the US currency to the country,” noting that it is “a financial and banking issue related to the financial and economic situation of Iraq.”

In his answer to a question about whether security issues related to armed groups affiliated with Iran were among the files discussed, Hussein Fouad said, “We did not discuss this issue, and all groups are under the Commander-Chief of the Armed Forces, that is, to the orders of the Iraqi Prime Minister.”

Regarding relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the spokesman pointed out that the two countries have declared and strong relations, after the exchange of ambassadors and visits to the foreign ministers were exchanged,” noting that Baghdad played a role in the return of their relations, but the talks between them are now direct.