In Wolverine 

:Report from 3:33 folks: 

The EBS is coming with certainty. What authorities are keeping to themselves is the type of EBS we will experience. We will either experience a full lockdown, martial law type of EBS or simply an EBS that will be aired for 10 days with very limited restrictions on normal life activities. Do I know which one of the two?  No I do not.

Only a few high levels know the exact moment and the exact choice of EBS options because things are rather tight lipped for obvious reasons. It must be like this because of security protocols. To say that I am excited about what is forthcoming is a complete understatement.

As stated on many prior occasions, we urge you to always be prepared with essential items because we are unsure of the length of time this may entail. It is not about getting something done fast, but getting it done with much precision.

Although this sounds redundant, it is exactly where we are at currently.

God bless

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