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SHELTON REPORT – 9PM Reno time  October 18, 2021

–  Wednesday-Thursday start date mandated by the Chinese.

 –  The effort is to get the T4b individuals out sometime this week.

 –  Dubai 1, 2 & 3 was given permission to move forward.

 –  Tier 4B funds come from Dubai 2 which comes from Zurich which these funds have been released.

 –  Rates will be locked down again on Tuesday and establish a new value Day.

 –  Everyone has been working on the same plan in the same way for 10 days.

 –  Every day has been a go in terms of specific procedures.

 –  Funds have been released by UST.

 –  Nothing holding it up. Its just following the schedule of the 5 phases. Processing, Settlement, Closing, Posting Liquidity and Distribution.

 –  Its all a matter of scheduling the distribution, its a payment unto itself.

 –  Programs come first. Fines ,Interest  & Penalties comes first and over 100 adjudicated accounts come first. Bills must be paid first.

–  Slow roll out of the launch phase is tied to the algorithm.  Its all tied to a decision tree.

 –  All funds are within the QFS backed by bonds that are in a distribution phase, but its a processing that needs to flow, but if you are getting this week then there is no holdup as long as the schedule stays the same.

Holly Wednesday Update

Good Morning roomies….Don’t compare yourself to others. You don’t know what their journey is all about. Regina Brett

We are at the liquidity and distribution phase… keep the faith, not much longer.


Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Pimpy  What have we learned over the past year…?  Is an RV or an RI possible?  Are we getting any closer at all to achieving what we all want?  Just so you know an RV is when they revalue the currency and RI is when they reinstate the value of a currency to its prior value…the United Nations, United Nations Security Council, the Forum On Economic Development all said there’s no reason for Iraq not to be reinstated to their value of $3.22 cents prior to the devaluing of the currency by our country [USA].

Frank26  The Arab Monetary Fund, in cooperation with The International Monetary Fund’s Center for Economics and Finance in the Middle East, organizes a course on “Exchange Rate Policy”  Like we told you...the CBI will have commercials and…that has now started also we told you the commercials will educate you [Iraq Boots-on-the-ground Firefly] on why you have a new exchange rate and a new small category note to match that NEW exchange rate and as you can see that has started.


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