In Wolverine 

Hi guys

Lately I have received from many sources that we are definitely close but no matter what intel I receive or what the gurus say means absolutely nothing if we don’t get the Green Light from the UST.

Now I know that we are definitely close as the UST a few days ago said that will go liquid this week for the advance payment of the German bonds and then the Yellow Dragon bonds and I expect that news any day by now.

Let’s not give up guy and remain steady as someone told me that this is a process.

As soon as I receive the miracle call I will post the opera as I’m sure it will be a relief for so many of us.



Wolverine post #2

IT IS EXPECTED… RUSSIA STARTS WITH GESARA…!!  Russian GESARA/NESARA?  Putin has just announced that trillions of rubles will be released today for loans to businesses and citizens with 0% interest (!) All investments that go to apartments and houses, as well as in industry and agriculture, payment begins repayment with one year of deferment and interest on such loans will be subsidized almost 100% by Russia, from the Russian Central Bank.


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