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More and more countries are participating in the BRICS countries.


If Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman participates, it will be the end of the dollar.


With Saudi Arabia’s participation, two-thirds of the world’s population will be able to buy energy in their own currency.


If the energy that Saudi Arabia imported was no longer paid for in dollar/variant, but anyone could buy it in their own currency, this incredibly large market would be huge in dollars, there is no doubt that it will circulate and be paid for. .. The last death of the dollar !


Also, the Fed is no longer allowed to print, so we can see that the stock market is in a constant decline.


Therefore, it is almost impossible to invest infinite money and artificially restore it.


In addition, BRICS countries are promoting nuclear disarmament…


What you mean to say? – world peace


And those who understand the background of NESARA/GESARA… One of the main points is world peace and nuclear disarmament.


One of the main focal points of the BRICS countries.


The nuclear war scenarios of the last few decades and the threats of endless plots to intimidate the country no longer work.


Thanks also to the Telegram channel: DER 17. Stammtisch Kanal provided a refreshing and very clear voice message.


Henning Reediger




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