X22 Report Episode 2817

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The Central Bank Took the Economic Bait, We are Witnessing the Destruction of the Old Guard


Ep. 2817a – The [CB]/[JB] Took The Economic Bait, They Are Trapped, Watch What Happens Next

Ep. 2817b – We Are Witnessing The Destruction Of The Old Guard, Coming Back Soon, Get Ready

X22 Report
Published July 6, 2022

The people are rising up, it will spread across the globe, the [CB] is pushing their agenda and the people can see this very clearly. Trump trapped the [DS]/[JB] and they took the bait, people can now see that every-time they reverse Trump’s policies it destroys the economic system.



The [DS] is in trouble, the patriots set a plan in motion and they cannot stop it, it is destroying their entire agenda. The people are seeing who the tyrants truly are and there is no escape from this. We are witnessing the destruction of the old guard and the [DS] is actually doing it to themselves. Trump sends a message that his plane is almost ready to come back, maybe in the fall of 2022 or sooner.