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Aloha Currency Community,
I know many are either disappointed or disenchanted, or both, this day after this morning’s “let’s go the bank” false alarm. Don’t be. All is well.
No intel provider could have possibly seen what was to happen in Europe last night.
In fact, allow all your many years of pent-up fear, anger and frustration to be free… as we still rest patiently in perfect position to receive a blessing beyond our wildest dreams. Nothing has changed but the final date.

Look, we’ve come this far by faith, isn’t it high time we traveled this final lap knowing that God will not abandon His loyal flock now.
It’s also wise in times of delay to remember the hundreds upon hundreds of positive global political, military and financial events that have indeed occurred over these several years.
And thus by taking into account of all the years of miracles we’ve witnessed, we can logically conclude that this epic revaluation of currencies is both hard to humanly comprehend and nearly impossible to pull off… yet here we are, standing together on precipice of infinite blessings for generations of our families, friends, communities and countries.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!!
This historic event that shall all soon be participating in is all due to the wisdom, patience and commitment of ancient families that we’ve never met or seen. Amazing when you stop and think about it really!
These families invisibly yet lovingly built a fortress of impenetrable mercy around our colorful printed currencies to bless our families.
They have delivered to humanity a benevolent financial, military and political system that rests on a bedrock of Christ-based teachings, supported by ageless pillars of truth, integrity, honor and morality.
And yes, the Chinese Elders know Christ very well. And the operate daily using the Great Master’s teachings of love, humility and service to humanity just as each of you do in your own homes.
Really, we’re not that different. In fact, we’re identical they’re just a lot older and wiser.
Hey, what really happened in Brussels is not what is being portrayed on the news.
Shocker I know.
Ironically, it’s similar to what happened in our own D.C. subway system last week, although that “electrical accident” was reported very differently than over in Europe.
For perspective around yesterday, don’t you find that sometimes when you are forced to move a step backwards, God is actually positioning to move you ten steps forward?
I’ve personally come into a consciousness whereby everything that happens, good or bad, I know in heart serves God’s greatest good perfect… and it’s my mortal responsibility to understand how and why He chose this path for my life versus immediately resorting to a reaction of fear, outrage or anger.
No doubt, what’s happening here at this the 13th hour is both significant and interesting to say the least, even if we collectively don’t yet understand how we’ve been blessed by His heavenly grace.
But at some point in time when we are ready, the answer will appear with ease.
What’s exciting to know is that we all exist now in the final hours of the RV, in real time and with real expectations of performance in short order.
Praise the Lord our Almighty Father God!
And even those once powerful evil minions, who were once so deeply entrenched as our enslavers for millennial (aka the “cabal” or “dark nobility”) are now finally being gently removed from their perches of power either gently or not so gently–their choice.
We are just bearing witness to their fateful decisions.
So be of good cheer for all is well.
Your blessing awaits you at redemption locations all across North America, and in large tier one banks worldwide.
God is ascending the meek of the earth to new heights, and it is our job now to dismiss all doubts and replace them with pure joy as our omnipotent Father Creator Source has assured our destiny, preserved our sovereignty and now shall expand our territory to bless the world.
Thank you Father for this final lesson before our blessing.
God is great. God is great. God is great.
Aloha ke Akua (God is Love) Yosef