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Deb & Sean (Awake-in-3D) Show #8

Financial Wealth Brings Freedom But Not Liberation From the System… Let’s Talk Sovereign Freedom!

Episode #8
LIVE Sunday, January 17 2016
United States:   +1 641 715-3570
NEW Access Code:  2501153
International –  VOIP dialer Instructions:
Intel, Rumors, Groups, Dis-info and more!
Open Live Q&A for Dinar Land Not to be missed!
Join hosts, commentators, transitional bridges and researchers, Sean aka Awake-In-3D and Deb P.   for a no holds barred, open discussion about all things RV/GCR…including the multi-dimensional energetics, the esoteric AND how this GCR affects the microcosm and macrocosm of the mass consciousness, including humanity’s awakening journey and our transcendence from “the enslavement matrix”!
During this show:
Yes, things ARE moving forward and we are back in RENO engaging with the energy of creation here – creating the reality of exchanges coming online that is! So we’re still asking you to focus your energy on Reno, Reno, Reno!
Based on the callers we had during the last two shows and the kind of dialogue we had with you guys, Sean and I feel it’s a good idea to keep the show moving forward with the pace that assists YOU and all of us in further transcending this enslavement matrix and anchoring the New Earth Creation Reality.
So now that you have greater wealthy than you may have had any time in this lifetime so far … yes, you will feel freedom to do and engage in life from an abundant mindset, but most likely you’ll still be engaging in “the system” that’s not interested in you being a Free, Sovereign Being! What are you going to do and how are you going to be BE in order to transcend this and ground a new way of life for yourself and everyone else that chooses this path?
Timing of Q & A:
We will open up the Q & A que at 30-45 minutes into the first hour so that YOU can engage with us and the other listeners.
Topics To Be Covered:
Current Events & Updates from around the world
The volatility of the markets and what that has to do with the GCR
Wealth brings freedom – but not all freedom and not liberation from the (insidious) system
Looking deeper into the Freedoms of being a Sovereign Being – Bridging the gap as we move forward