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To be completely frank on the situation, the IQD isn’t nearly as complicated as a lot of people make it out to be… but in some ways, it’s much MORE complicated.
Here’s how it is simple: The CBI has the final say in the exchange rate of the Dinar. PERIOD! The IMF doesn’t control the rate, Maliki has no control over it…
When the CBI says “The new rate is X”, that’s it.
No approvals from Obama, no vetoes from Putin, nothing will change it.

When the CBI pushes the button, it’s DONE.  Now here’s how it’s complicated: The IQD isn’t currently traded on FOREX. It’s not a currency you can go to Wells Fargo or Chase and exchange at the counter.
It’s not at the Currency Exchange booths in airports, and you can’t currently use it to buy bread at your local store.
But the IQD does have an impact on the bigger global picture.
The world, at least the intelligent and aware portion, is well aware that the IQD is in existence and has the potential to create BIG waves in the global economy!
I mentioned 2 major things last week: Parliament and Price of Oil.
Parliament is stalled… no news out of them this week.  But it won’t stay that way for long – things will pick up speed again, just as sure as the sun will go down and come up again.
So forget about Parliament for a minute, and let’s talk about Oil.  Crude has crashed over the past couple months, and I’m not going to bore you with  a long analysis…
I’m just going to give you my opinion – as of this morning, I’m finally starting to feel like we may have reached the bottom.
Once we’ve reached the bottom, prices should stabilize and that’s when I believe the CBI will loosen its grip on Parliament (yes, I believe that the CBI has MAJOR strings to pull in the GOI), and once we’re looking at a consistent uptick in oil… THAT is what we are looking for.
It could trigger the HCL out of sheer necessity, and then we’re in business. Of course, I could be wrong on this “bottom”.