Adam Montana

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I mentioned last week that we were looking forward to the 16th and the 19th. That hasn’t changed.
What we are seeing in the news feed, though… THIS is very encouraging in my opinion!  It’s real simple – Iraq is throwing news at us faster than the Google can even translate it.
The news is this:

  1. We have no plans to change the exchange rate.
  2. We plan to change the exchange rate. And after you get done reading 17-29 poorly translated articles, suddenly you realize one more thing…there’s nothing else in the news. Whaaa?!  YEP, that’s right!  You’re all smart enough to figure this out! I’ll end my update with one small  caveatthere’s a chance that we’re not going to see anything happen. Ever. But there’s also a good chance that we’re watching history right now.  I’m loving this ride.
    […do you expect anything worthwhile to come out of the parliament meetings on the 16TH and the 19TH.] YES – if not an actual RV, then at least some clues as to the path we’re on.  I’m very excited to see what we hear in the next 7-10 days.