Adam Montana

Last week….I mentioned that we could be at the cusp of some amazing ACTION from Iraq.
We wanted to see it happen before the weekend, but it was relatively quiet last week after that major announcement.
One could easily think that once again, Iraq decided to talk, but not act.
Yesterday, that idea was thrown out the window.
Yesterday, stuff started happening…it was an action packed morning.
Something we are NOT used to seeing out of Iraq, and it makes me VERY happy to have been witness to this!
There was protesting, rioting, and all kinds of disturbance.
Yet they persevered… in spite of the obstructions, they actually put names out there.
Articles: “Parliament succeeded to exceed its divisions and vote on the five ministers technocrats.” “Parliament will vote approves five ministers and Abadi undertakes to provide the remaining of the cabinet reshuffle during the next two days {expanded}.”  “Abadi al-Jubouri asked to arrest the House of Representatives of the protesters.”
And at that point, session was pretty much over, with the hopes that we will see more action today or tomorrow.
What’s this mean to all of us?
It means we are on TRACK!
Finally… the lull is over.
We’re seeing some positive, EFFECTIVE, action from the GOI.
This shake-up may not mean “RV Tomorrow”, but then again… it might be close to that.
THIS is the kind of action we’ve been waiting on, and it’s happening.
I’m stoked!