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[Do you think Raqqa has to be secured for it to be determined that the Iraq borders are secure?]


To my knowledge, Raqqa is not a major problem for the real holdup … the HCL.… Read More

Adam Montana

It’s just about time to start watching things pick back up...

Ramadan is over in just a few days, and we’ll see pretty shortly how this rodeo is going to proceed!

[Ramadan ends on Saturday and then there’s Read More

Adam Montana

[This does concern me as to how we could be safe in turning over our dinar to banks for proof of it being real.]

Verifying the currency is as simple as using a De La Rue machine.… Read More

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[2 questions: First, is our current president’s actions and intentions going to help the dinar RV….part B: did he buy any dinar that anyone knows of? SECOND: Help me understand why the Iraqi would RV when they know so Read More

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Know that the GOI is working harder this Ramadan than ever before…

Article: “Headed by Abadi .. Council of Ministers will hold its regular

I see that as a very positive thing!

Need I say more? (nope!)… Read More

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[Can there be an RV without an HCL passing? And, conversely, can there be a passing of the HCL without an RV?]

In my very FIRM opinion – NO.… Read More

Adam Montana

This Ramadan is certainly like no other since what feels like 100 years ago when I first got involved in the Dinar!

I have always maintained that nothing serious will get done during Ramadan…this is the FIRST time I’ve ever … Read More

Adam Montana

The latest Dinar news, here’s the deal:

OPEC is set to meet tomorrow (Thursday 25th of May).

Today’s preliminary meetings went extremely well, and all my sources are telling me that the process should be a very amicable one tomorrow, … Read More

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I’m watching this OPEC situation like a HAWK … this is getting serious!

We all view the word “soon” with a bit of disdain, but it’s starting to taste a little better every day.

This rolled across my desk bright … Read More

Adam Montana

It should be noted, and kept in mind, that Ramadan this year starts on the evening of Friday May 26 and goes through Sunday June 25.

That’s 9 days from now.

Those of you that have been traveling this road … Read More