Advisor to the Prime Minister: The parallel price of the dollar will come to the official very soon

The economic adviser to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Mohammed Saleh, predicted the approach of the dollar exchange rate in the market parallel to the official rate.

Saleh told {Euphrates News}: “We expect very soon that the exchange rate of the parallel dollar will approach the official price with the continuation of external transfer, especially since all private banks have committed to transfers and the control of the electronic government over these foreign transfers.”
He pointed out that “all these things will lead to the descent of the exchange rate of the parallel dollar to the official rate.”
Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani said in an interview with a number of local media two days ago that: “the fluctuations in the dollar exchange rates are the result of the non-implementation of the agreement signed between the previous government and the Central Bank with the Federal Bank and the US Treasury.”
Al-Sudani added that “the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar will fall to reach its official price of 1320 dinars,” stressing that “the Iraqi dinar is strong and the financial situation is at its best and we have great confidence in the Iraqi dinar.”
“Dollar exchange rates are heading to stability up to the official price soon,” he stressed.مستشار-رئيس-الوزراء-نزول-السعر-الموازي-للدولار-الرسمي-قريباً-جداً