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The RV will come, and the banks are ready for a world changing event!
This is my recent personal experience at a local Chase Private Client Bank located in southern TX.
When I walked into the bank, I was greeted by a lady. I introduced myself and stated I would like to talk with a private banker. She identified that she is a private banker and could assist me, she then escorted me to her office.
I gave her a brief summary of my background and business experience. I then proceeded to tell her about the research I conducted over the past three years related to the reconstruction of Iraq.  Most importantly, I told her that I am confident that this will be the year for Iraq to revalue their currency based on my research.  I asked her if she knew anything about it, she stated that her private banker peers also have clients who hold dinar currency and are waiting as well. (This bank is surrounded by a very large American middle eastern population). I then discussed knowing about the China contract rates and why they exist.

She then asked me what currencies I held. I told her that I have a significant amount of Dinar, Dong, Indonesia and Zimbabwe currencies. I also mentioned that I was looking to build a relationship with a Private Banker who will exchange me once the RV/GCR commenced. I also, told her once the rates are within my objectives for a contract rate or when it hits Forex, I will then exchange.
Briefly, I explained my plans for paying it forward, once I exchanged my currencies. I asked her did she work on based salary or commission, she told me both. I mentioned to her that based on what I have and if I meet my objectives upon exchanging, she could make a pretty big commission if she exchanged me when I’m ready.
She thanked me for being candid with her about my background and my plans for the future once I exchanged. She was excited and committed to contact me asap if she heard or saw that it was live and I could contact her if I heard first. She gave me her business card and I gave her one of mine. As she walked me to the door, she turned around and told me to come back to her office. She then proceeded to give me her personal email if I heard that the RV/GCR had occurred before her. (TNT Tweet).
That’s my bank story.
I get the feeling that the PTB do not want the U.S. citizens to know about the global chess match they play on a daily basis. If you need to know, then become a politician. I have no desire to become one. So, I work daily in my business, research when I get home, and review my plan, make changes if necessary, because I know it’s coming this year. I want to be ready and prepare for any changes at the bank, especially the rates, and what interest I want for holding my assets for a period of time.
At my age this is my last chance to a big fresh start in affording to build a family legacy that will last generations to come.
I don’t have a RV/GCR date for this year, but I know I am ready with a plan for this year!
I pray that you have a written plan as well!