Al-Alaq: The central bank covers the need for orders from the dollar and the price on the black market is abnormal

The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Al-Alaq, confirmed on Wednesday that the exchange rate on the parallel market or the black market is an unreal rate for speculators or owners of illegal operations.

In response to a press question, about the reasons for the price difference between the Central Bank and the market, Al-Alaq said that “the central bank reached sales covering the orders of traders, citizens, investors and others, and its sales are about 200 million dollars a day, so the second price found in the parallel market or the black market is an unreal price, which is a price for speculators or a price for illegal operations owners who are willing to pay this high price.”
“Now, there is only the correct price, which is 1320, because the central bank covers the need for requests for the dollar, and the other price is a price that has become an an anomaly price related to speculation or related to illegal operations,” he stressed.

On the Central Bank’s measures against raising the dollar in the markets, Al-Alaq indicated that “the market corrects itself by covering the needs of citizens, traders and others, so that it does not resort to using another price or another place to buy the dollar.”العلاق-البنك-المركزي-يغطي-حاجة-الطلبات-من-الدولار-و-السعر-بالسوق-السوداء-شاذ