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Parliament of Kurdistan gives his confidence to Barzani pleasure head of the territorial government and Talabani as his deputy

The Parliament of Kurdistan, on Wednesday, gave confidence to Barzani’s pleasure as head of the government of the Territory by 88 votes.

The parliament voted on Kubad Talabani as deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region by 73 votes.

The Kurdistan Parliament granted confidence in the vote on the ministers in the Kurdistan Regional Government:

Shorsh Ismail Abdullah wins the seat of the Ministry of Peshmerga by 73 votes

First Ahmed Abdullah Minister of Justice 84 votes in the Kurdistan Regional Government

Reber Ahmed Khalid Minister of the Interior 76 votes

Awat Janab Nuri Saleh Minister of Finance and Economy 81 votes

Saman Hussein Mohammed Barzanji minister of Health B81 voice

Alan Hamma Said Saleh Mohammed minister of Education 85 votes ,

Dana Abdul Karim Hama Salih Abdul Rahman, minister of reconstruction and housing 80 votes

Sasan Osman Awni Habib minister of municipalities and Tourism 85 votes

ARAM Mohamed Kader Amin minister upholds Higher Scientific Research B76 votes

Dara Rashid Mahmoud Minister of Planning with 75 votes

Qoestan Mohammed Abdullah Maarouf Minister of Labor and Social Affairs 74 votes

Mohammed Saeed Ali Minister of Culture and Youth 75 votes

Abdullah Mahmoud Mohammed San Ahmed Minister of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs 85 votes

Becker Dilshad Shukrallah Talabani Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources 83 votes

Kamal Musallam Saeed Qarni Minister of Trade and Industry with 85 votes. Source