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Asian markets got hammered. EVERYTHING RED!!  ASIA DOWN, down hard!! US dollar strength is strangling US export trade.
Japanese YEN strengthens as safe haven against an increasingly over- valued US dollar. Saudi Arabia suspends currency Rial futures trade! Futures for European and US stocks DOWN big time! Oil decline continues down until at least 2017.
Shell Oil profits plunge by 50%! Not a single stock in German and French stock markets is up! ALL MARKETS are down and now declared officially as bear markets!
Axel Weber at UBS states that China has “plenty of ammunition” to weather this financial storm! US treasuries are down across the board. This massive “global deflation” has no bottom and THIS the MAIN topic at Davos!!!

Some analysts believe China needs to devalue the yuan by 50%! Again, Weber says China is doing the right things!!!
So, what does it all mean?? … There is a MASSIVE SQUEEZE on to bring you an RV!!!!
Right now!
AND, the beautiful part is, the Chinese yuan is the “sleeper” in the whole equation! Looks like we’re out of time! Be ready and good luck! Remember the simple 2 step plan! Don’t over think it, don’t get creative, and keep it simple!
PS – the EU must be getting desperate about Greece, the EU Economic Affairs Commissioner publicly INSISTS that the IMF get involved in Greece!
I think Christine LaGarde is sticking by her guns, she will not put any IMF money into Greece until the EU makes the debt levels sustainable. So, guess who’s starting to fracture by debt?…. Italy!
The downturn, the collapse of the fiat currency system, is accelerating dramatically!!
When bankers publicly get emotional, that’s when you KNOW they’re scared. But THIS TIME, there’s NO ONE there to bail them out!
I see the perfect storm giving birth to an RV!!
Please please please, have your “to do list” and alternate plans ready to go right now. Use them like a check list to be sure you don’t miss anything!