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It’s probably a good thing that we are so numb to this now so that this highly anticipated and exciting moment is going relatively under the radar.  In all the years prior most people were really hyped excited as we got close to the 1st of the year and a lot of those years it was just unwarranted excitement driven by rumors.

But I am here to tell you, even without referring to the outstanding positive intel I am getting from places that have never been this RV positive before, that EVERYTHING we are seeing at this particular moment in time points toward some positive change in the status quo as we have known it for all these years.

There are many factors too numerous to count that makes this EOY totally different than others, but one thing we know for sure is we have never seen a working, full blown and implemented budget in Iraq because conditions have never been conducive in this factionally divided nation for that to occur until now.

Think back to a few years ago when Shabibi himself said that he would RV the currency if there was the requisite level of economic and security stability.  Now think where we are now.  No more do we here about provinces falling to ISIS and fear of green zone encroachment but just the opposite that they are defeating ISIS at every turn with the help of PTB air strikes. 

We have seen the purchase of major tonnage of gold over the past several months to back the asset back IQD and a systematic diminution of the note count to make way for the LD’s that by all indication are now ready to be distributed. 

And most importantly, we now see the beginning of a special session to finally determine the mechanisms for fair distribution of give and take between the center and the region as well all the entirety of the Iraqi provinces via the HCL agreement that is by all indications embedded within the 2016 budget that has been targeted to be completed in this month of December 2015.  

It is now quite evident that the IMF/UN and other controlling PTB entities including China who is now to have a prominent role in the SDR basket of world currencies which will forever change the international economic landscape as we know it putting new pro RV pressures on the Authors Of The Plan that tell us that the mother of all RV windows has emerged between NOW and Jan 15th of 2016.