On the security front, we see massive progress to the point where many believe the final liberation flag could be flying over the center of Mosul as early as end of this week. 
We also know that just days ago PM Abadi closed the boarder with Iran and issued a blackout.
When we consider that the UN/CBI has not updated on their usual schedules, and that we are now being told that many bankers are seeing blank rates on their screens with only an 800 number for further information, and that just days ago the Electricity Minister of Iran postponed the signing of further contracts with Iraq until as he said “the new exchange rates are taken into consideration,” and that the Iraqi 2017 budget has been signed with a 7 day constitutional deadline for entry into the Official Gazette, as we are just days away from the inauguration of new American leadership, we now have a perfect storm to finally see this blessing ANY DAY NOW IMHO.

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