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Global Currency Reset/RV Replay Call with Deb & Sean
Show #9: “Making This Our Last Weekend in the Global Fiat Currency Regime ~ Let’s Do This!”
During this show: Many shifts are now afoot in the global financial world – shifts even the controlled mainstream media cannot cover up. We will discuss these important events including the continuing “soft crash” of global markets, oil’s continuing slide, China’s currency divergence with the U.S. Dollar and more.
The Global Currency Reset plan is unfolding right before our very eyes as the Fiat currency regime of enslavement is being surreptitiously dismantled step by step in our physical reality.

As the new “One-Percenters”, it is imperative to remain steadfast in holding our alignment with the vibration of wealth and maintain a focused intention on completion and holding space for those involved in the final logistical and administrative steps in the GCR process.
We are proclaiming and holding as part of this New Earth Unified Field, that , “This will be our last weekend under the Fiat Currency enslavement system”. Let’s do this!