Awake-in-3D GCR-RTN: Bank “Bail-Ins”-Facts You Need To Know Now

Awake-in-3D:   GCR-RTN: Bank “Bail-ins” – Facts you Need to Know Now


Sunday, 12 February 2023, 21:17 PM


Bank “Bail-ins” – Facts You Need to Know Now


Bail-outs are when governments loan money to banks to pay their debts and avoid bankruptcy.


Bail-outs are when banks use Deposits of Account (business and private funds) to pay bank debts and avoid bankruptcy. This means OUR checking and savings account funds can be used without our permission. Even Crypto funds are included in the plan.


Think this is just fake news or can’t happen in reality? Think again.


Every major country already have laws on the books that officially regulate this bail-in process.


Even I was shocked at just how “prepared” our governments and banks are to take our money. Even more incredible, they officially don’t plan on telling the Public until we’ll after they’ve completed the bail-ins.


I can’t emphasize enough that you watch this 20-minute summary from the Coin Bureau Insider folks in the UK.


In this video you will learn:


1) The financial history and organizations behind the origins and their reasons for supporting bail-ins


2) The Legislation (Laws) passed that make this process “legal”


3) How the process will work, including how they’ll censor anyone from reporting that bail-ins are happening (the internet “disinformation Bills” that governments are in the process of passing right now)


4) Why insurance programs like FDIC Deposit protection regulations won’t help us


5) What steps we can take to independently protect ourselves (hint… shiny metals/crypto wallets you physically have in your possession)


Connecting the dots, I now see why government bureaucrats are moving quickly on passing crypto tax, social media, and CBDC regulations at this time. Also why they’ve changed the definition of what an “official” Recession is and why they’re obfuscating the public reporting on jobs and unemployment data.


As my buddy George Gammon would say, “Time to sit down and pour yourself that stuff drink!” This is not comforting information to hear…






Video link:

Coin Bureau Insider Report – Banks Can Steal Your Money


Many Blessings,

Sean | Ai3D