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Would BGG please give us the true meaning of the deletion of the zeroes project“?]

The “Delete the Zeros” project – (we believe) is part of the currency reform project in Iraq. Most notably the process of raising the value of the Dinar and then removing the larger “3 zero” notes from the market…they don’t want people sitting on those big notes – they want them out, where they can easily retract them from the marketplace.

What about the subject of the deletion of zeros and the reason for the delay?

1) Security – control of the state (ie; Mosul)… CERTAINLY PREVENTS THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROJECT.

2) When it is DONE – it must be “…done in coordination with all state departments and the private sector…”

Here’s the DOOZY folks…

3) “…where it should be followed by changing the paragraphs contained in the various laws…”  MEANING – ONCE THE VALUE CHANGES THEY HAVE TO GET A FEW THINGS CHANGED TO SUIT THE VALUE. THEY JUST TOLD YOU THE ORDER OF THINGS.

4) “…must also change the financial and statistical records in order to conform with the project process the deletion of zeros…” This bit ALSO INFERS A VALUE CHANGE AS THE PRECURSOR TO REMOVING THE NOTES AND THE REST OF THE PROJECT…here’s another ZINGER…

5) “…On the other hand, the technical preparations are (already) underway by us…” – WHAAAAAAATTTT?? THEY ARE ALREADY GETTING THE TECHNICAL STUFF UNDERWAY. THEY MUST THINK WE ARE CLOSE? This is the ACTUAL CBI talking