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Regarding rumors of ships waiting for an RV before coming to port
The price for the cargo (oil, or whatever), was established by contract before it was ever put on the ship – probably weeks (if not months) in advance. Purchase prices don’t change “in transit”.
If you bought something on layaway and the seller raised the price the next day, you still get the lower price.
Think about it. Oil prices change DAILY, yet tankers are constantly in transit:

Buyers would be at TREMENDOUS AND UNACCEPTABLE RISK if they were subject to a price increase during transit.
It just doesn’t happen, sorry.
Contracts protect buyers if prices go up, and they protect sellers if prices go down.
It’s the nature of a contract.
The only thing that could occur along “RV lines” might be an “accounting change,” (for either the seller or the buyer (or both) but the VALUE PAID would *have* to remain the same.
So there’s nothing to gain by waiting: by law, the contracted VALUE prevails.