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Just a word to everyone who repost my messages, each message is time sensitive and it applies to a specific place and time. Someone name Sharen posted something of mine on YouTube, let it be known that, that was for the President’s State of the Union Address.
Please learn to live like I do in the NOW PLEASE.  In the now is the following, we are in a anytime this go situation, many bank personal from different banks resigning for being lied to about this being a scam and there being told not to buy in any dinars or dong.
Seems that with all the awareness lock downs and trainings, seems that common sense dictates that it’s better to resign, acquire and cash out millions like a normal person, then to stay and be a stooge. Seems that all is well both in Iran and Iraq, ships and airplanes coming in and out, so I guess there RV’S should be in by now.
​All banks now Gold and Silver standard, personal trained and should be expectedly ready. Paymasters should be standing by now, and the fellow who would finalize this 7 year late chapter to our prosperity hopefully should be on his way to the bank on the southwest. The world banks are folding or imploding and both Cameron Saudi Arabia and mister O there looking for a war is now so far fetch it would be ridiculous.

How greed turns men to evil, shameful. The rates on the dinar should be as in the original plan, I honestly do not believe it coming in the low 3 like some bank wants you to believe.
From this point on, be wise, get in and get out fast, leave your domain and create multiple accounts elsewhere, never leave all your eggs in one basket and be healthy and in total peace, but always remember where you came from and don’t forget to pay it forward, put on your sandals and walk like Jesus and make your 10% count.

​Be blessed, Na’maste Bluwolf