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The issue (4589) was published in the Iraqi Al-Waqa’iq newspaper issued on 29/6/2020

1- Republic Decree No. (22) for the year 2020, which includes appointing members of the Council of Ministers.

2- Resolution No. (2) for the year 2020 issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

3- Statement No. (5) for the year 2020 issued by the Ministry of Finance ((appointing Judge Abdul-Razzaq Muhaisen Saleh Al-Jourani as Chairman of the Second Appeal Committee)).

4- Data issued by the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control.

The government is close to sending the economic reform law to parliament

Monday, June 29, 2020  Baghdad / Omar Abdul Latif  The government is close to sending the economic reform bill to parliament for discussion and voting, while the parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee confirmed that the law will establish a federal reform council linked to the cabinet.

The law works to give the private sector a fundamental role in the development and development and raising the efficiency of economic projects, while providing social protection networks and social insurance funds, the launch of loans for projects and the development of the banking system.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Ali Abdul Amir Allawi confirmed that the government is in the process of forming a complete and integrated program to reform and advance the economy, and Allawi said to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “This program will be presented to the House of Representatives during the next three months and will be comprehensive.” Until «the plans in the program will address all sectors of the economy and the productive and service sectors».

He added that «the program includes enhancing the state’s revenues from other sources such as customs and taxes, stopping waste and also the process of removing suffocation from the economy», stressing that «the government will enhance and strengthen the activity of the private sector, because its growth will provide jobs and increase domestic production».

Activating the private sector

Member of the Parliamentary Economy and Investment Committee Nehru Mahmoud Rawandzi said in a statement to Al-Sabah: “The law seeks to transform the Iraqi economy into a market economy and give the private sector a key role in development and development and raise the efficiency of economic projects and increase their production and competitiveness”, noting that “the goal This includes diversifying economic resources, improving efficiency in managing natural resources in accordance with the principles of fair and legitimate competition, and diversifying the sources of funding for the federal budget.

Close to Al-Kazemi..Manaf Al-Musawi issues a decision on suspicion of corruption and controls employees

Praatha News Agency297    Continue ,

The cultural public in general and the literary in particular were waiting for the return of the magazines of the House of General Cultural Affairs to the monthly issuance, after the success of converting them into two chapters and reprinting Al-Aqlam magazine a second edition, but the decisions of the new administration decided to back down and reduce the issues to return to the previous recession.

Followers asserted that Manaf Abdel-Muttalib Al-Mousawi, who was not always organized throughout his life, became the loudest voice in cultural affairs due to the weakness of the administration of Aswi awe and his intimidation over it because it was he who made it a general manager by virtue of his political relations and his connection to Al-Kazemi and Hassan Nazim;

For this reason, he was acting with powers that exceed the powers of the general manager, including the decision to withdraw from the quarterly issuance, which even the general manager has no right to withdraw from, because it is unanimously approved by the board of directors, and he needs the board’s decision again after convincing the board of the feasibility of retreat.

Parliamentary economics calls on government to review decisions on health measures: Travel pledges must be canceled

Political| 03:08 – 29/06/2020  Baghdad – Mawazine News , a member of the Parliamentary Commission on Economy and Investment, Mazen al-Faili, called on the government, Monday, to review the decisions on health procedures used to confront the Corona virus, indicating that travel pledges must be canceled.

Al-Faili said in an interview reported by a reporter / Mawazine News: “The government should review the decisions regarding the current health measures that obligate every Iraqi who intends to travel outside the country to sign a written commitment not to return to Iraq until the end of the Corona pandemic,

which may continue for years, and as a result, a lot From the members of the Iraqi community in countries abroad, including merchants and owners of commercial activity, they will be prevented from returning to the people and the homeland after returning to Iraq because, according to the pledge, they cannot return if they leave Iraq.

The dollar recorded a decrease against the Iraqi dinar in local markets

Economie| 01:54 – 06/29/2020  Baghdad – Mawazine News The dollar exchange rates fell on the Kifah Stock Exchange and local markets, Monday, (June 29, 2020).

The prices of the Kifah Stock Exchange – Baghdad recorded 123.100 dinars per 100 dollars.

Buying and selling prices in banking shops:

The selling price of the dollar = 123,500 dinars per 100 dollars.

The purchase price of the dollar = 122,500 dinars per 100 dollars.

Al-Attar: The industrial sector is a major tributary and alternative to oil

Economie| 11:16 – 29/06/2020  BAGHDAD – The balance of News  called for a council member of the Iraqi Economic Ghadir Attar, on Monday, the start of the Iraqi government activate the industrial sector in the country because of its many positive effects and supplement the general budget of financial resources. ”

Said Attar , in a statement received / scales News / copy of it,” The industrial sector has a significant impact on the budget of Iraq, a major impact, noting that “Iraq is one of the most prominent countries that have relied on the auto industry, machinery, oil derivatives and food industry, such as dairy products and vegetable oil industry to achieve self-sufficiency.”

Al-Attar added: “In order to restore life to the Iraqi industry, there are a set of steps that revitalize the industrial economy in Iraq, including setting a budget to restore factories and employ the unemployed, which contributes to reducing unemployment, in addition to developing machines and the work mechanism to compete with the imported product.

On planning and rebuilding the Ministry of Industry, receiving projects from youth, opening the door to competition and bidding among local factories, and encouraging young people to support the local product.

Parliamentary Committee: The government’s economic measures are “flawed” and cause public discontent

08:59 – 29/06/2020  The information / Baghdad ..The Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee criticized, on Monday, the lack of an economic vision of the government towards providing the necessary resources and revenues that supply the budget with money, pointing out that Iraq is defective to import fuel from abroad at a time when it sells oil at a very low price, unlike the fuel it buys.

Member of the Parliamentary Committee Nada Shaker said in a statement to “The Information”, that “the government’s actions and its lack of control over economic resources have raised the wrath of the Iraqi people, especially those related to border outlets and other productive sectors, and not taking action with the region to force it to hand over its money to the center.”

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