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Iraq News and Highlights Saturday Afternoon 7-4-20

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A number of customs directors are demanding to follow the laws related to directing and exempting from the high renewal and transfer fees

Friday 03, July 2020 12:00 | EconomicalViews: 196  Basra / Nina / A number of customs directors demanded to follow the laws pertaining to the direct exit work and exemption from the high renewal and transfer fees imposed after the Corona epidemic, as the renewal amount increased from 50 to 250 thousand dinars and the renewal of identity from 50 to 150 thousand which were not issued years ago .

They affirmed that they work without identifying identities by the authority, restricting work to the directing agent, and not allowing unauthorized or emergency professionals to work.

A representative of a group of licensed agents also called “Saad Al-Azzawi” to abolish the corporate system imposed on us since 2017, which increased the financial costs, including additional fees and taxes estimated at 5 million dinars and more. “Noting that the imposition of companies was linked to the directing agent of the ministries of finance and trade and each ministry has special procedures and fees Noting that most directing agents are out of work.

Al-Azzawi added that the directing agent has the right to work in any border region similar to the neighboring countries, and there is no legal text preventing this and re-operating the free zones in the south, center and north that help to export surplus local goods and open an outlet in the northern region of Nineveh Governorate.

He stressed that our demands are many and need to meet with the government and decision-makers. In this regard.

The deputy was a member of the Strategic Planning Committee, Kazem Fenjan Al-Hamami, who warned the Ministry of Finance and the Customs Authority against dealing with unlicensed citizens.

Al-Hamami asserted that “dealing with unlicensed persons helps to avoid paying fees and taxes and being an unknown and unknown person and they do not bear any responsibility and sometimes they manipulate data and intentionally change material and financial facts.

He pointed to the commitment to the provisions of the laws in force and instructing the legal department in the Ministry of Finance and the Customs Authority to speed up the issuance of strict and strict instructions to prevent unauthorized intruders and obliging the centers to deal exclusively with agents officially. /is over

An estimated $ 500 million of new losses are caused by the epidemic in a sector in Kurdistan

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[Baghdad_Eye]  The Tourism Authority of the Kurdistan Region said today, Friday, that the turnout of tourists to the Kurdistan Region has decreased from what it was in the past due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, which caused damage in this sector estimated at 500 million US dollars.

“During the six months of last year, a million and 850,000 tourists visited the region,” said authority spokesman Nader Rosti, adding that an average of 80% of that number had decreased this year.

He added that the material losses during the first half of this year compared to last year are estimated at half a billion dollars in trade and tourism facilities in the region.

And the authorities imposed in the region with the spread of the Corona pandemic, tight measures were to stop the movement between its province and the rest of the Iraqi provinces.

Some local governments in the provinces of the region eased the procedures and allowed the residents exclusively to visit the tourist places, provided that the procedures and preventive measures are adhered to by the visitors of those places, as well as those in charge of the tourist facilities.

Parliamentary Finance: Control of non-oil revenues is the lifeline of Iraq

14:38 – 03/07/2020  Information / Baghdad  Member of Parliamentary Finance Committee MP Ahmad Al-Saffar confirmed on Friday that controlling non-oil revenues represents the lifeline of Iraq from its current financial crisis.

Al-Saffar said in an interview with “Information”, that ” Iraq is going through a financial crisis, but it opened the doors to the need to find decisive treatments for many of the accumulated mistakes in the financial and economic file in general.”

Al-Saffar added, “Real control of the non-oil revenues of the state treasury, including border outlets, customs, and municipalities, in addition to collecting other services, will represent a real lifeline for the crisis, as it will pay the government not to borrow to pay salaries and the rest of the other entitlements. To maximize non-oil resources and solve all problems. ” Iraq is suffering Months ago, a stifling financial crisis created by the collapse of global oil prices and the consequences of the Corona virus

Economist: The disappearance of the financial crisis depends on real government measures

The information / special between the economist, Ihssan Al-Kinani, that the disappearance and transcendence of the financial crisis is subject to real governmental measures away from the statements and the policy of procrastination, pointing out that many resources can be used to overcome the crisis.

Kanani told Al-Maalouma that “many of the question marks revolve around the government’s actions regarding overcoming the financial crisis, despite the Ministry of Finance’s assurances that it will be difficult to overcome it.”

He added that “some of the producing departments can use their revenues to pay the dues of their employees, in addition to the need of other departments to maximize the resources by using the revenues to pay the salaries of their employees, and thus urge them to work harder to ensure the salaries of the end of the month.”

He pointed out that “the monetary reserve came into play in the current days, as it is possible to resort to it to eliminate the financial crisis and not borrow from abroad,” noting that “some government measures need competent advisors who can find a way out for every crisis the country is going through.” 25 n ended

The central bank explains the reasons for reducing loan interest for projects

Economie| 10:19 – 03/07/2020  Baghdad – Mawazine News  The central bank explained, on Friday, the reasons for reducing loan interest for economic projects.

According to the official agency, the Director General of Accounting at the Central Bank, Ihsan Shamran, said, “The monetary policy of the central bank differs from the fiscal policy, and its decisions are usually short-term. . ”

Shamran added that “the central bank had previously postponed the loan repayment period for a period of three months from April to the first of July.” “.

Central Bank of Iraq explains the reasons for reducing loan interest for economic projects

Friday 03, July 2020 10:25 | EconomicalViews: 235  Baghdad / Nina / The Central Bank of Iraq, Friday, explained the reasons for reducing loan interest for economic projects.

Ihsan Shamran, Director General of Accounting at the Central Bank, said in a press statement, “The monetary policy of the Central Bank differs from the financial policy, and its decisions are usually short-term.

Shamran added that “the central bank had previously postponed the loan repayment period for a period of three months from April to the first of July.” “.

The Central Bank of Iraq, had announced earlier, to reduce the interest rate on small and medium loans to four percent to accelerate the recovery of the Iraqi economy after being affected by the Corona pandemic.

Parliamentary Integrity: We have a complete list of the smuggled money and we are striving to recover it

Iraq 07/03/2020  Reporter of Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Abdul Amir Al Mayahi

The Parliamentary Integrity Committee announced the preparation of lists to recover the funds smuggled outside Iraq.

“The committee has a complete list of the smuggled money, containing the names of people and money that are outside Iraq,” the committee’s rapporteur, Abdul Amir al-Mayahi, told the official news agency.

He added that “Iraq has a lot of money abroad, some of it frozen and the other in dishonest hands.”

He pointed out that “the Corona pandemic prevented the movement of those funds,” pointing out that “the Integrity Committee summoned the head of the money recovery department outside Iraq to find out what before and after 2003 of the funds, and after the end of the pandemic, the file will be fully followed up.”

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